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To participate in the Atma Jyothi initiative, please register by filling out your details in the form below:

Q. Is it essential to take a bath/ head-bath before the “Atma Jyoti” Poojai?
Bathing is not necessary, but basic morning hygiene namely washing your face & brushing your teeth is mandatory.

Q. Does one need to maintain mounam (i.e. a religious vow of keeping strict silence) till the prayer concludes?

Q. Can anything be consumed (coffee/tea, biscuits etc) prior to the Poojai?
It is preferable but not compulsory.

Q. Can non-veg food be consumed for this 1 year?
Essentials for this prayer are only clear intentions and strong faith in MahaPeriyava.

Q. Any specific food/ beverage restrictions?

Q. During menstrual cycles, the continuation of the prayer gets hampered, what can be done in such a case?
Preferable to excuse yourself from lighting the lamp during this time. Other family members can assume the task of lighting the lamp for you on this period.

Q. Who all can perform in the athma jyoti Poojai?

Q. Is there anyone who cannot perform the Poojai? 

Q. Is there a specific direction in which the Diya must face? 
Those living in independent houses and small apartments with access to terrace can light the Atma Jothi anywhere since the Prabanjam has no direction. Those without a terrace can light the Atma Jothi in a South facing window/balcony.

Q. “Animals must be fed”, should no-vegetarian feed be avoided?
No specific restrictions. Feeding animals is a noble  task that should be encouraged and undertaken by one and all, not just in the context of the Athma Jyoti prayer but also for life.

Q. What if someone currently resides or has recently shifted to hotel residences/condos/  parents place etc. Should the  athma Jyoti Poojai be comprehensively performed where it was started or can it be continued anywhere?
No such restrictions. Prayer can be performed anywhere.

Q. Can anyone go in for a hair trim or a hair cut during this 1 year of Pooja?
No restrictions regarding this. Do not leave the hair open or loose.

Q. Do Married women need to perform this prayer with their spouse or can it be solely done?
Not necessarily.

Q. When does one chant 108 Gayatri Japam? 
After lighting the lamp, chanting Gayatri 108 times is to be done. To make it easier, the 108 japa can be split up to 3 equal sets (36 japa* 3 times a day)  and chanted throughout the day.

Q. When and how many times does one chant the Thirumoolar mantram?
There are many slokams under the Thrimoolar Mantram. Thus, reading any 5 to 10 slokams a day under this mantram would be sufficient.


Q. “Earmarking rice for parents who are no more”, here what must be the quantity and type of rice to be considered?
One fist of cooked rice must be earmarked for them and should be put for birds either before or after your meals.


Q. Where must the rice be placed, will it be in the - Pooja room, near Mahaperiyavas picture/idol or in front of parents picture itself?
Just simply take a fist of rice and place it for the birds to feed on.

Q. Many gated communities have sealed the terrace for use on account of Covid. In such a situation where can the athma jyoti be lit?
South facing Balcony/window.

Q. What should be done if children & parents are living elsewhere?
They must get themselves registered online via forms (one member per family is adequate) as they aren’t living together and can perform the prayer proceedings accordingly.

Q. Can Atma Jyoti prayers be offered to friends/relatives/neighbours etc. ?
To anyone and even unknown souls.

Q. If there is a pitru function like shraadham, can Atma Jyothi be lit on that day at home?
No restrictions regarding this. One can perform the prayer.

Q. Can I start after the specified date (May 13th) and do I have to continue for 1 year from the date that I start?
Whenever one starts the prayer, one has to continue for exactly one year.

Q. What phala (rewards) do i/my family get for performing the Atma Jyothi?
Performing this prayers pleases god, rids us of our sins, mitigates bad karma and prevents unforeseen evil events in ones life with time.

Q. If I start performing the Atma Jyothi and I'm unable to continue, can a family member take it up subsequently and continue? Should they reside in the same residence or can they reside elsewhere?
Yes, any family member can resume it irrespective of their place of residence.

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