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How Sangamam will function?

1. First you will have to fill up the form with your details. Form is available at

[We have made a short video on how to fill the form - you can view it at the

end of the video. ]

2. Next you can go to the website and

click on the 'Boys' link (if you're searching of a groom) or the 'Girls' link (if

you're searching for a bride)

3. Please look at the list of names and select THREE which are most suitable

for you. [Please note that we will not send more than THREE names at one

time. We request you to understand and cooperate with us. ]

4. Send an email to the team requesting for more information about the

boy/girl. [Please note that we will honour only requests from those people

who have entered their details in the form. So essentially, you have to enter

your details and then request for details of others.]

5. Please give the team 1 - 2 days to respond to your request. [Please note that

if the volume of the requests is high, then the team will take longer to


6. If you do not find a suitable match in the listing - then please leave a query

with the team. They will inform you if something new comes up.

7. If you have found a match - please inform us so that we can remove the

listing from the website. Kindly note that the information to remove the

name from the website has to come from you.

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