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மஹாபெரியவா குரு பூஜை அற்புதங்கள்-29- பாகம் -1 Mythili a self introduction

Mahaperiyava Saranam

I derive immense pleasure in introducing myself as Mythili working in IT sector. Now I will take you to my miracle experience of Mahaperiyava guru Pooja.

I contacted GR Mama few months back for Guru Pooja after reading this blog ‘Mahaperiyava Arul’. I Had few problems in finding suitable life partner. Suddenly astrologer started telling doshas in my horoscope and myself and my family was upset because of this.

I was in state of distress and I happen to see this blog in my Google search. I contacted GR Mama through the blog and the next day he called and sent his mail address. I shared my prayers with him on a Wednesday 6th September 2017. I was upset throughout the week because of various problems that were enveloping me all around. Precisely my marriage issue. Next Monday 11th September 2017 morning GR Mama called me and informed that Mahaperiyava has given Utharavu to start Guru Pooja from this week. I was happy that Mahaperiyava gave permission to start the Pooja.

That day, Mama stated that he is having some issues in his word press blog. I did few trails and searched to resolve this from my side but I couldn’t do as I was travelling. Somehow I said (should be Mahaperiyava guidance) that I will help him in posting today’s post in the blog. Mama sent me the article and I merely copy pasted the same in his blog. Mahaperiyava helped Mama to resolve the blog issue by itself by evening.

That day I had to change my system at office due to few internal issues. Monday I was taking back up of all data from one system to another. The next day the process of installation was going on and hence I didn’t face much issue. The next day (Wednesday) my mail box crashed and I was not able to retrieve data. I have 2 years of official data il archive mode but I was not able to retrieve any. I was bit annoyed as it is all confidential data. I was praying Mahaperiyava to help with the situation somehow.

Suddenly before lunch I got a thought to go back to the previous system and check if I have access so that I can take back up again. I prayed and ran to the previous system and to my astonishment I had my access even after two days which normally doesn’t happen.

I took back up for the next two hours. Still for the next few days the issue remained unresolved. And that Thursday I performed the first week Guru Pooja with GR Mama’s and Mahaperiyava’s blessings. And finally yesterday the issue became high priority and I was at the verge of losing all data at once with no back up.

I prayed Mahaperiyava again which is as follows. “Mahaperiyava, somehow I got the opportunity to help GR Mama that day. Could you please help me out of this critical situation?”. Suddenly I remembered about my previous back up data and tried running it from another source and this time it worked with no issues. I felt I was blessed to help GR Mama well before I got into this troublesome situation and that blessings saved me from the upcoming crisis.

Also I had been lamenting, complaining, totally frustrated with my personal life to GR Mama and he spent his valuable time to reply back to me with a confidence building email with cricket analogy on playing the game till 50th over.

I still feel bad, feeling resentful for the situations I had been in but whenever I feel low I read his e mail again and again to build my confidence and keep moving forward. Thanks are a small word to GR Mama for timely console, guidance, care, love that he showers like a father.

I pray Mahaperiyava and GR Mama that both of them should be with me and bless me to finish this Guru Pooja with utmost devotion and Bakthi. I have lot of grudge, resentment in mind and I feel frustrated and bit jealous because of series of events that had happened in my life. I hope and believe that Mahaperiyava show me a path out of this tangled situation and give me peace, happiness to myself and my family and stay with me throughout my life.


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