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Mahaperiyava Guru Pooja Experience- Devotee’s perception - Sri.Devarajan- U.S.A.

Mahaperiyava Guru Pooja Experience- Devotee’s perception - Sri.Devarajan- U.S.A.

Mahaperiyava Charanam

Guru Pooja experience will be published at 10 AM today.

I am pleased to meet you all. I am Devarajan living in U.S.A with my wife and 2 kids (Son-11th grader and Daughter -8th grader). Our family association with the Kanchi mutt goes back decades. Many of our extended family members served Maha Periyava till their last breath. We believe that everything happens is due to the blessings of our family guru.

I was visiting Chennai last November and my cousin sister mentioned about of GR Mama and shared his website link. When I read his story and how he now spends his life at the service of Maha Periyava, I was not only moved but wanted to meet him and have his blessings. My sister arranged a meeting with GR Mama and we visited his house. It was a wonderful experience meeting him and talking with him about his life journey and how he made a miracle recovery from his life-threatening accident. I was very moved to learn about his new purpose in life and how he is able to communicate with Maha Periyava to help people who are in distress.

I went there only to meet him and get his blessings and during our discussion I mentioned about my son who is suffering from ADHD and how it is impacting his studies. He offered to take this up with Periyava and let me know.

The next day he informed me that I have Mahaperiyava’s permission to do Guru Pooja and sent me all the details on how to do the same. My wife and I were thrilled to hear this and decide to start from the following Thursday once I returned back to US.

Guru Pooja:

We started our Pooja as soon as I arrived back home. It is very simple and we focused on Periyava and HIS grace while we performed the Pooja every Thursday. After the 3rd week, we received my son's grades and he failed in Math in his last semester.

He was well prepared but had difficulty focusing during his exams. We were disappointed and worried. I reached out to GR Mama and he told me not worry and Periyava will take care of everything and be patient.

He told me that he is also praying for my son and soon I will experience positive results. We continued with our Pooja. The evening of the 8th week Pooja, we received an email informing that my sons ACT exam (College entrance test) results are published online. We were anxious and with a prayer opened the webpage to find that our son achieved 99% (almost perfect score) on the test.

While we know he worked for it, it was no doubt in our minds that he achieved this only because of the grace of Periyava that were brought to us by GR mama. We are eternally grateful for his guidance and assistance.

He told us from now on my son will do well in his studies as Periyava’s grace is upon him. We decide to continue our Pooja after the 9th week (now completed) as we found peace and happiness beyond our son's issue.

We all are more optimistic about our life, after a very long time, and the other issues we were dealing with our lives are also suddenly no longer look insurmountable. Thanks GR mama, please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara