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SMART Sree Mahaperiyava Arul Religious Trust

நின்னை சரணடைந்தேன்


Sree Mahaperiyava Arul Religious Trust

It is almost four years since my life took a “U” turn and transformed me and my life. Transformation is too small a word for this dramatic change in me. It is definitely beyond medical science and genetic science.

Even, if I had selected an excellent couple on the earth to acquire all the desired qualities of a human, there is no guarantee that the desired qualities would have been inherited by me. Without living in a mother’s womb for nearly 10 months and without any well defined parents, all the desired and enviable qualities were formatted in me, my attitude underwent a sea change and my belief system touched new height.

Compassion, humility, humanity, sympathy and empathy were articulated in my system. These land slide changes in me, resulted in advocating “Soul Centered Culture” which was a shift from “self centered culture”.. I started feeling and realizing that my parents are only this vast Prabhanjam and Mahaperiyava.

The germination of thoughts concerning about my fellow soul’s wellbeing was driven me to pray to Mahaperiyava for a salvation from adversities in devotees life. All along I was only praying for my fellow souls.

Mahaperiyava implanted an idea of doing kaingaryam attributing HIS school of thoughts which are temple renovation, GOW Samrakshanam and Veda Rakshnam. Mahaperiyava’s wish is to take it forward collectively through a trust so that the punniyam can be shared by one and all.

The name of the trust is “SMART” and the expansion is “Sree Mahaperiyava Arul Religious Trust.”. Today being a very auspicious day of Mahaperiyava 125th Jayanti this advance information is given to you and it amounts launching the trust on this auspicious day.

The further details regarding account number and functionalities will be informed to you all in this blog to enable you to take part in the kaingaryams by your contributions starting from one rupee to infinite contributions. Further details will be published around 10th of this month.

Dear devotees, I am able to feel sense and realize that our blog is heading for a phenomenal growth in all dimensions. Please share your views too. The Viswaroopam of Mahaperiyava is going to pervade even to unknown frontiers.

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

Ever Yours,

Gayathri Rajagopal

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