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Very Important Message to all of you.

Very Important Message to all of you.

You can Post your comments from now on

I wish to have your kind attention towards your comments and my replies corresponding to your comments. I this connection, we were experiencing some technical fault and because of that the communication between you and me was affected for nearly 15 days.

Subsequently the issue was escalated to the web developers who are in abroad. The developer’s perception was excellent and thereby they could understand the problems and difficulties we were experiencing. The issue was taken up on top priority and the snag was rectified.

I must compliment one Mr. Allen who was acting steadfast who restored normalcy. On behalf of the blog, I extend my sincere thanks to the entire team who worked on this issue and more particularly to Mr. Allen.

I will start posting my replies to all comments from tomorrow onwards. I know my reply to comments attracts all your attention because I used to post lot of things which are from Hindu Dharma and teachings of Mahaperiyava. It is needless to say that every word yours is like a flower and it amounts to doing Archana to Mahaperiyava

I know Mahaperiyava enjoys all your Archana because your comments manifests your pure and blissfulness of your soul. This periyavaarul.com is not only a blog but a virtual satsang of Mahaperiyava. Here Mahaperiyava is articulated in our thoughts words and action. Everywhere Mahaperiyava and Mahaperiyava is present in all of you.

Let dawn of tomorrow be a day which is going to bring both of us in a close proximity in the presence of Mahaperiyava.

POST YOUR COMMENTS AS USUAL AND MAKE THIS BLOG MORE VIBRANT IN ALL ASPECTS. Let us worship the Viswaroopam of Mahaperiyava from tomorrow as usual. .

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

Ever yours

GR Mama

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