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Devotee:  Lavanya Country: USA

The experience of Lavanya was received by me through email. I am publishing as it is received. rs. This is only a beginning. Shortly she will appear in video also to share her experience with you all. I request all of you to bless this soul Lavanya for a excellent health and peace in life.

Devotee: Lavanya

Country: USA

Mahaperiyava guru Pooja experience: After first Pooja experience. This devotee Lavanya residing in USA. Here is her first experience.

PERIYAVA charanam. Namaskaram mama. I am sending the experience I had this morning.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

I humbly offer my thoughts, words and actions at the Lotus feet of Mahaperiyava before I start explaining the amazing Anugraham and Darshan that He gave me this morning, June 16th. I have been doing guru Pooja with the guidance of G R Mama and we had just completed the 2nd week this Thursday.

I will not call it a dream; Instead, let me say it is a Divine experience.

I am in my school classroom attending some lecture. I am of my present age only and seems like I had returned to my school after having spent many years in the United States.

The class is in progress and the teacher gets upset with me for no fault of mine. And i could find myself crying over it. The class is over and the teacher says, “Students don’t expect any free periods - if at all you do get a free period, you know what I’ll do ?”. Everyone is silent. She goes on, “ what else will I so - I’ll only take you to Periyava “

The next minute she sets up a picture of Mahaperiyava in front of the same classroom (right in front of black board) on a chair or stool and asks everyone to do pradakshinam. There is a long line and I think to myself it’s going to take a long time to get my turn, just at instant miraculously I get my turn and I am looking closely at that picture.

I see the Kavi vastram coming out of the picture.

I ask” is this real?”

Someone responds “yes it is -look closely”

The next instant I see Mahaperiyava sitting on a wooden bench in a small room right behind the blackboard. My husband and I go inside to get His darshan, the kaavi vastram that He covers His head is not there. I can see He is wearing Rudraksham. There is a person standing behind him on His right -( someone who does kaingaryam) that I don’t recognize)

Periyava looks at me and says in Tamil

“unnai paathirukaene”

“innum seriya Polaya ? “

I reply No by the nod of my head.

He raises His hand and actions me to to come closer saying “Inge Vaa”

I am so very close to His face I can see His eyes as narrow slits on His aged face , He then places His hand on my head and with His thumb He seemed to touch my right eye , While doing this He looks at my husband and goes

“ Enna sandhyavandanam panorama?

My husband remains silent

Periyava with a stern voice says

“ Brahmana porandhuttu idha Kooda pannale na epadi ?”

We come out and I am carrying a whole bunch of flowers in my hands. I see red rose petals and very tiny white flowers. I think to myself that I have to preserve these flowers till the end of my life.

I wake up with tears of joy running down my cheeks.

Having been diagnosed with a degenerative retinal disease and suffering from deteriorating eyesight , this one sparsha Darshanam of Mahaperiyava has made be believe in one thing - no matter whether I get cured or otherwise I have Periyava by my side always- why fear or worry .

This is my first darshan of Periyava in my dream and without doubt is so very close to my. Heart

I have tried my best to write down as vividly as possible but the actual feeling of joy and bliss as He blessed me with His hand on my head cannot be explained in plain words.

I will conclude by praying to Periyava to bless everyone who may or may not read this with His grace and Kataksham.



Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

A soul cares for you

Gayathri Rajagopal