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The experience of Dr.Koshree-Dubai

The experience of Dr.Koshree-Dubai was received by me through email. I am publishing as it is received without altering anything. This is only a beginning. Shortly she will appear in video also to share her experience with you all. I request all of you to bless this soul Dr.Koshree for an excellent health and peace in life.

Devotee: Dr.Koshree

Country: Dubai

Dear all

Sri Gurubhyo namaha

I doctor koshree from Dubai would like to express my gratitude to Mahaperiyava as he is blessing me my household immensely with his grace Submitted to his lotus feet just in less than a year I regret why I did not see nadamadum Deivam since I was born By periva s grace and continued thought of periva I watch Periva’s experience and chant his namam and recite slokas s 24/7 , during one such video I heard about G R mama He was a periva s messenger to me .

Somehow, I by Periva’s grace got his number and e mail and I approached him and expressed my interest in Guru Pooja to be done on Thursday .This Pooja was for my family welfare as tough times were flowing just not getting over , so mama obtained permission of periva and I completed 6 weeks of the 9 weeks.

The miracle had to happen today

Incidentally my husband is in Chennai and he has never seen periva nor Kanchi Mattam, not so mad like me , he does normal Pooja as a vaishnavate ... I had to literally force him to meet mama yesterday as it was my wedding anniversary but he couldn’t go, Today at 3 pm Indian time he called me and said give G R mama number he was so keen to see mama he met mama finally and sought blessings of periva and mama.

Tomorrow is Pradosham and mama has sent prasadem through my husband I’m waiting see the inference is the Pooja was for my husband and periva ensured my husband got to see him Karuna Moorthy what more we can get in this artificial world we need only glimpse of this natural celestial Form of lord Shiva ....Kodi Namaskaram to my periva and dear G R mama

Personally I haven’t seen mama but heard a lot he is too polite and courteous and promptly replies to mails, he has immense love for periva and selflessly doing Seva without any expectation in any form Thanks to periva and mama again Periva Thunai

Dr Koshree / Dubai

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

A soul cares for you

Gayathri Rajagopal

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