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Experience of Mrs.Padma from USA

Periyava charanam.

Namaskaram. This is Padma from USA. I am doing guru Pooja as per Mahaperiyava’s utharavu and as per GR mama's guidance. Actually today i did my 7th week guru Pooja at my home. After starting the guru Pooja we can feel the peace and good vibration at home. We were worried about kid's health and medications. That time only i came to know about GR mama and spoke with him about all our problems. He said to do guru Pooja to Mahaperiyava. We started the guru Pooja In May 2018

1. The first day itself Periyava started doing miracles. My kid didn't complain any pain and his health started improving.

2. My husband is studying for some exams. He was working hard on that and also spending lots of money, time etc. Even then he could not get through the exams. We are terribly upset. We are cornered by worries, health issues, expenses and tension. But this guru Pooja washed away all of tensions and filled us with peace and confidence.

3. I had dharshan of Mahaperiyava when i was sleeping. He came and blessed us and gave handful of sugar candy (kalkandu) and asked me what do you want? More than Periyava dharshan what else we want. I was jumping with happiness and I told my husband and kid not to worry for anything. Periyava dharshan means he is with us to guide and protect us from all these materialistic things.

4. Yesterday casually when my husband was checking his mail he got the mail from the examination board stating that he passed two of his papers with good marks. With the happiness tears started rolling down from our eyes.

Immediately we all did sashtanga Namaskaram to Periyava and expressed our gratitude. Me and my kid wanted to make my husband happy on his birthday that is guru Pooja day. We made a cake surprisingly and planned to offer it to Periyava on Thursday. But in the evening Periyava doubled our happiness by the exam results.

Today we all did the guru Pooja with lots of happiness and gratitude. We are confident that Periyava will make my kid outgrow the health issues.

We offer our gratitude and Anantha kodi Namaskarams to the lotus feet of Mahaperiyava.

Periyava charanam.

Padmavathy Padmanaban

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

Ever Yours

Gayathri Rajagopal

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