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என் வாழ்வில் மஹாபெரியவா- உங்கள் கருத்துக்கள்

From: Mrs.Sharada Sundaresan


Dear G.R. Mama:

Namaskarams to Mahaperiyava and to you. I was overwhelmed to receive the parcel of books titled “En Vazhvil Mahaperiyava” this afternoon, 3-July-2018.

I was wondering how to receive the parcel, should I give “Poorna Kumbam” as Periyava Himself is going to enter our house in the form of books. Well, I mentally gave the same while receiving the parcel and offered a packet of plantain fruits to the courier person, who delivered the books.

Now, I wish to tell my perception of people involved in delivering the final entry of the sacred books to our family. My husband spoke to Shri. Christi Mario Sujith of Chennai, the courier agency franchisee. This was yesterday evening.

This afternoon, the courier person who delivered the parcel to our residence in Bangalore, was Shri Ameen. Please see the link - the author is Shri GR mama, a Hindu, Shri Christi Mario, the courier agency in charge, a Christian and finally delivered by Shri Ameen, a Muslim.

I feel that Mahaperiyava and His messages are delivered to us directly or indirectly involving all communities making Him the ultimate integrator of all religions and transcending them.

The book, received as a Prasadam, has to be a blessing, and so it was!

It is covered neatly with Periyava’s photo in the front cover and the message of the infinitude of five elements and Mahaperiyava, at the back cover in the form of a poem “Nalla Velai” penned by Shri G R Mama. What we know of Periyava is just a tip of the iceberg….

I have just browsed through the book, and I found important messages of Shri Mahaperiyava interspersed between the different chapters along with the pictures of Mahaperiyava.

Our life will reach a different level when we read the book with “reverence”. Matha, Pitha, Guru and Deivam – this was the order we were taught in our childhood for our worship. Shri GR mama has followed this by adequately acknowledging all of them in the preface of the book.

The proceeds of this project will be used for helping the societal growth! This is the ultimate noble goal.

Thanks to Mahaperiyava, Shri GR Mama and all those directly or indirectly connected in bringing forth this enriching Prasadam to us.

Namaskarams to all involved in the project,