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Miracle in Devotees's Life by Mahaperiyava- Mrs.Sireesha

Experience of Mrs.Sireesha:-

Your implicit faith and melting devotion will make Mahaperiyava to answer you impulsively. Here is a living example.

First of all let me seek the blessings and anugraham of Mahaperiyava before I start this write up.

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

I am born and brought up in a village near Vellore to a non Brahmin Telegu family. After marriage, I was settled in Pune, Maharashtra since 9 years. I was not in to Bakthi and was passing my family life with two daughters until I came to know about Periyava through my friends. They used to tell his miracles.

Inspired by their stories, I started watching youtube videos about Periyava and also inspired by MS. Swaminathan sir speech. He tells in such a way that we will feel it in front of our eyes.

First I went to Kanchi in May, 2017 and I have seen the Brindavana of Periyava first time. From then on, whenever I go to Tamil Nadu, I make sure to go to Kanchi mutt to worship Periyava.

As the time passes, I became Periyava devotee. I don’t know, I was attracted towards his divinity and used to read as many articles about him.

I want to write an incident which has happened in my life and how Periyava helped me.

This was during my daughter’s examination during October 2017.

I used to go by Activa to pick up my children. That day when I went to pick up children, I was caught by a lady police in the signal. Our Activa is of Tamil Nadu registration and we have not transferred it to Maharashtra thinking we will do it later.

She was asking for Rs. 2000/- as fine. I was not having that much money or the debit card. She was stubborn not ready to listen and becoming violent, if I ask her to reduce the fine. She took my license and keys and said if you want your bike go and collect it from RTO office.

She has lodged a complaint against me. It was the first time I was caught by this kind of lady police otherwise they used to take fine and leave. I called my husband and narrated everything. Since he was in meeting he said he could not help me. My daughters were calling me from the school reception saying all the children left except them.

Literally I was about to cry and don’t know what to do. In the middle of the road near the signal there was a big stone. I just sat down over there as I was not able to do anything.

I just put my head down since people who were waiting in the signal should not see me. I felt very ashamed. I was praying Mahaperiyava in my mind who was the only hope for me during that crucial and critical time.

Within 5 minutes of time one old man of age about 65 years came near to me. He was wearing a blue shirt and pant and was looking like a local Maratha man. He was having a bag in his hand. He was looking bit ugly and fat.

He called me madam and asked me what happened and why I am sitting there. I told him what has happened. He went to the lady police and spoke to her in local language. He convinced her. Then finally she accepted to take Rs. 200 as fine.

But she does not want in cash and she wants it through debit card. But I don’t have a debit card. Then he went requesting so many people who were standing on the road during the signal saying she don’t have a debit card but have money can you allow her to swipe from your card. The way he was requesting for me made me to think what a nice person he was. No one was ready to give.

Finally on the roadside there was a shop called Kaka Halwa.. It was a sweet shop. He went to him and requested him then the shop person sent his fellow men to police with card to swipe and I gave him the money back.

Then the lady police gave me my license and keys. I thanked the old person for his help. He asked me my whereabouts and said he want to come to my house. He asked me my address and telephone number. Though he helped me I was bit reluctant to give my address. I gave my mobile number. I gave my wrong flat number. He noted it down in his diary. I left from their immediately.

I came back home and told my father in law and friends about this incident and totally forgot about this. I realized one day the mobile number which I gave to the old person was correct and he noted it down. But he didn’t call me. I never saw him again since I go everyday 2 times to drop and pick up my children and also he was looking like a localite.

I understood later that it was Periyava who came like an other person and saved me from police. To my normal eyes, I felt he was a stranger and could not recognize him. He was in front of me and taking to me but I was blind. I really apologize Periyava for lying my wrong address.

I am writing this write up to thank Periyava and to tell the whole world that Periyava is a Prathyaksha Daivam and still exists. If you keep trust and pray him, he will not leave you at any time. He will be with you like a mother who takes care of their children.

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

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