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Devotee's Experience on Mahaperiyava Guru Pooja- Mrs.Vijaya


I came across certain YouTube videos, and read some articles in net, and came to know the name " Sri G R Mama". It was totally new me, and I was wondering who this person is? I started to explore and came to know about him and his blog. Went thru the various articles posted on/ by him and the Guru Pooja Miracles etc.,

I had been watching the Periyava experiences videos and going thro some blogs on Periyava for past 2 years nearly. (I can say I was becoming Periyava video Paithiyam) . Earlier I was reading books like Deivathin Kural and Dharisana anubavangal like books. Whenever I used to be in conversation with like minded friends / relatives, naturally the talk would get steered towards some incidents about Periyava. I can say, Periyava Smaranai was always there as an undercurrent in my mind, and that feel was like "inseparable" and "secured" one.

I can say Periyava Smaranai was driving my daily life amidst the various difficulties of life. It came to my mind why can't I contact Mama and tell him some of my personal family issues about my son and daughter's career, marriage, and health etc and ask for some solution. Though the problems were NOT of SEVERE nature, I thought why we can’t plead Periyava for His blessing and correction in all these issues if I DESERVE it.

I contacted Sri G R Mama by June 2018 seeking permission from Mahaperiyava for performing Guru Pooja, mentioned the related issues in a brief manner. I was very reluctant to keep telling our complaints to him, I was strongly having one thing in my mind that I should not disturb Mama too much telling my problems, but I could not stop telling him at least some of them.

(That was because Mama's health condition and in spite of that he was doing hard work for the sake of Periyava devotees in a noble way)

Next day, Mama gave the reply that I can start performing the Pooja as everyone else; I was feeling so blessed and happy.

Started performing the Pooja, and 5th July 2018 is my 5th Guru Pooja for Periyava. I could see tremendous change on all the basic issues, one by one thing were getting settled / manipulated day by day, I could see issues getting sorted out, THROUGH SOME UNKNOWN HAND AT THE BACKGROUND. I could feel that PRESENCE OF MAHASHAKTI.

There was a SLOW AND STEADY changes in our Profession, in relationships at home, I can say everything was within TOLERABLE LIMIT, I can’t explain each and every personal problem of my family here. I can just mention the outline.

Also I was getting some good news / reliefs from my sisters/ brother end.

And just before the 5th Guru Pooja, my son's career issue also got settled, he had been invited to attend an interview in a reputed company, My son messaged me in Whatsapp after two rounds of discussion, that he was waiting for one more round, and would call after that. I was praying Periyava, please be with him, and bless him with whatever is GOOD for him, I know I am not supposed to ask whatever I prefer, because I know my choice will not be correct always, So I simply prayed HIM to guide, bless, with what is Good to my son, and what he deserves.

Later my son messaged me “I got the Job ma". Later I came to know from him, he had been very casually talking in the discussions, he was wondering that how he was talking in such a casual way, he was not able to believe himself.

In between some people from that office came and told him, “Hey everyone got impressed by the way you talked, how?". Innum Enaku puriyala.

Conclusively, I know, we have to undergo the results of our previous Karma, which we cannot avoid in any way. I had been very reluctant to ask for THIS AND THAT while doing prayers generally. I know very well that I WILL DEFINITELY GET WHAT I DESERVE, NOTHING MORE / LESS THAN THAT, I am very strong in this, But still, on certain times, I used to feel that, “Can something be done to correct these issues?" On such times, it could be only GOD/ GURU who can be the rescuer. Periyava definitely had come to my RESCUE; I AM FEELING HIS HAND IN EACH AND EVERY THING.

There are some more issues about which I am concerned, OR I CAN SAY THAT ISSUES WHICH I THINK AS MY PROBLEMS, , but from yesterday onwards HE had made me feel that , "HE IS CORRECTING ALL THE ISSUES, ONE BY ONE, AND EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ON TRACK ONE DAY" May be, new issues would erupt, THAT'S LIFE, But I had decided to continue my Guru Pooja in a simple manner after the nine weeks too.

The biggest change in MY LIFE IS, I had decided to perform Guru Pooja hereafter (beyond nine weeks too).


Also, I am continuing with Pidi Arisi, Writing Sriramajayam, etc., which all help in many ways, provides some peace of mind too.

I can finally say, GURU POOJAI HAD ME TO GO NEAR PERIYAVA, AND FEEL PERIYAVA., That is the real blessing.


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