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Interaction with G.R.Mama by Prasad from U.S.A

Interaction with G.R.Mama by Prasad from U.S.A

I am Prasad settled in USA. I am doing Mahaperiyava Guru Pooja for many issues, professionally and personally. I had an opportunity to come to India officially. I utilized this trip to meet G.R.Mama also. As planned I met G.R.Mama. During my discussion I wanted to get myself clarified

With regard to birth and karma. I am sharing my experiences with G.R.Mama for the benefit of all.

Question: What can I do to get rid of my Karma and sufferings due to it? Mama’s answer:: Short answer is – “Yes, it is possible to get rid of our Karma and sufferings”.

I’m sure this will make you to think deep. Below is the detailed answer by G.R.Mama which will help in your thinking process.

Everyone is facing suffering in one form or another because of their own Karma.. Within ourselves, we have both ‘Mind’ and ‘Soul’.

If you listen to your ‘Mind’, you are bound to commit sins. It is nothing but living according to Convenience. If you listen to your ‘Soul’, you will only do good deeds. It is nothing but living according to Conviction.

Furthermore, all deeds you do (which is nothing but Karma) is getting registered in all planets through witness of Pancha Boothas.. When you take re birth your horoscope defined by the planets according to your deeds by taking account of your Karmas.

Once you start living with Conviction (based on your Soul), you will establish connection with our Almighty ‘Mahaperiyava’. In no moment, Mahaperiyava will hold you strongly and HE has the supreme power to negate all your Karma in the whole universe including all planets.

Finally, You take birth because you have committed sins and if you continue to commit sins, you will continue to take birth. Choice is yours!!!

True surrender to Mahaperiyava will not only make you come out of your sufferings but more importantly HE will make you not to take any more births. I’m sure everyone will want to be in this situation.

Mahaperiyava Charanam Thanks and Regards


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