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Guru Pooja Experiences by Mrs.Ragini- U.S.A

Periyava Charanam

Guru Pooja Experiences by Mrs.Ragini- U.S.A

Namaskaram GR Mama

I wish to share my experiences with you and Devotees of Mahaperiyava

Exactly a month back, when I was looking for some devotee experiences of Mahaperiyava in YouTube, I came across first video about Guru Pooja and i was very much moved after watching. Since am a mother of 2 kids with special needs, Am always on the lookout for help as I face situations which only god can help. No matter what professionals say, I believe strongly that God will certainly bring my kids out from situation that they are in now.

I got to know about GR Mama through the devotee experiences video on Guru Pooja and immediately mailed him on Monday and early morning On Tuesday, I woke up and saw GR Mama ‘s reply to my mail and my joy knew no bounds. So far by Mahaperiyava anugraham and GR Mama’s blessings have completed 5 weeks of Guru Pooja.

In these 5 weeks lots of positive signs have surfaced to me.

Some of them are: last week June 30 th was my son Aditya’s Upanayanam and I was so worried as to how my daughter will be because she has history of meltdowns as she cannot express what she wants and we cannot make out what she wants and she ends up crying.

But she was so so cooperative that day and she was the star of the day. I am getting some treatment for my daughter through a Mahaperiyava devotee and everyday and especially on Guru Pooja day before starting pradakshinam, I pray to Mahaperiyava to bless my kids and make the medicines work and I am sure my prayers are being answered as we are seeing some kind of calmness in my daughter now. She was very stubborn and adamant child but that nature is slowing melting and she is showing very good behavior and expresses in words what she wants.

GR Mama has been like pillar of strength for people like us. Each week I call him to inform him of Guru Pooja; he talks to us so nicely and pumps confidence in us. Having known him is a TRUE BLESSINGS.

Thank you very much Mama.

Ever Grateful to you !!

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara


Ragini Yathiraju

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