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Guru Pooja Experience from Sow. Anjana from Taiwan


I am Anjana, living in Taiwan. I came to Taiwan two years back for my master degree. Unfortunately, I joined the wrong laboratory and my professor was very mean to his students. We had to work around 15 to 18 hours a day and even weekends. I was very scared and I never had any hopes that I will graduate. It was during the last six months of studies, I came across many videos about Mahaperiyava and I started to listen to these videos every day when I work. These videos gave me a lot of courage and strength and I started to pray to Periyava everyday. I miraculously got selected for the first job I applied though I had no time to prepare for my interview.

I had many troubles adjusting to the new place and on top of that, my professor was very mean to me. I had no proper food and had a very hard time. I could not go back without completing my studies as my parents were already in deep financial crisis. I somehow managed to complete my thesis and passed my defense.

I started working soon. My office is situated in a place where the Indian population is low and I could not find vegetarian food. The transport facilities are also bad when compared to the capital city I lived when I was studying. I had a very hard time as I had no clue on how to manage. I could not quit the job also as I have signed a contract for two years. I could not ask my parents too as my dad had a lot of problems in his business for last 10 years.

It was during this time, I came across GR Mama’s YouTube channel. I told Mama about my situation and he asked me to start performing guru puja.

In the third week, my HR informed me that my office is opening a branch in Taipei and I can shift back by this year-end. I was so happy that Periyava really answered my prayers.

Within few days my mother told me about their financial crisis and that they are having a very hard time. I asked GR Mama to pray for my parents and he said everything will be fine very soon.

In the eighth week of my guru puja, my dad got a job as Chief Project Officer and more over with a very good package with which he could live peacefully and pay back his loans without any trouble. It was Mahaperiyava who gave such an opportunity that no one could expect. He also made sure that my father could pay back all his loans only through his salary and my father need not invest any more on his business or take more risks.

It was all Mahaperiyava who solved all my troubles and all it takes is pure devotion. GR Mama listened to all my troubles and was very kind to me. I really want to thank Mama for all his efforts for being so selfless. I have not even see Mama. Nevertheless, he still prayed a lot for me.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara


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