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என் வாழ்வில் மஹாபெரியவா -feed back from Sri.Venkatraman & family

Pranams Sir,

Five weeks of Guru poojai and 31 chapters of your wonderfilled book . Mama not one chapter goes without our eyes getting moist.

Every chapter is laced with Mahaperiyava arul.Usually i am a slow reader as far Tamil is concerned, but with your books i could not only read reasonably faster but was able to see and feel an invisible force guiding me with quick understanding too. Ellaam avar arul.

You lit the lamp on that Anusham day !!!! and so have you lit the lamp of faith and courage in the lives of each of Periyava devotees. Mama Your kaingaryam is beyond words.

The thought that "Do i deserve this kind of grace keeps appearing in every sincere devotee's mind".

All the same the Lord Saneeswaran in the form of Mahaperiyava engulfs HIS dear devotees with so much arul'

Just last evening i happened to view the experience of Sudhakar ..how he was given all the help and grace to clear the toughest of test papers in the very first attempt. I told about this to my son Sunderrajan , who is also appearing for his exams this year end.

Respected GR Mama i had the divine bhagyam of having darsanam of Mahaperiyava at Kurnool in the year 1983 . Just all of 22 years i was awed by the grace poured upon myself. It was Balu Swamigal ( mama then ) who said out aloud.

Idhu venkataramanan , Indian bank la vellai panaraan. unga Asirvatham venum solaraan....and Sarabeswarar , Parameswaran Raised HIS Abhaya hastam. All this gets played out every time i think of that blessed day of my life.

As you rightly say Mama it took 22 plus years for me too to get myself fully soaked in the grace of our Nadamadum Deivam. For real understanding to dawn it took further more time.

As i had mentioned to you Sir every time we pray intensely to Mahaperiyava , water droplets appear all over HIS picture and in a Smiling pose HH Just telling us ...NAAN IRUKKEN.

It is your ardent prayers Mama and the Karunai of Mahaperiyava that is underscored in every word of your book. We are overjoyed and sure and confident that our lives will be meaningful and purposive once we enshrine Mahaperiyava in our Hrudayam.

For all this guidance we shall be ever indebted to your kindself sir.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

with respects and regards

venkatraman and family

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