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Guru Pooja Experience Mrs.Sandhya – U.S.A

Guru Pooja Experience Mrs.Sandhya – U.S.A

Namaskaram to all viewers of this channel. My name is Sandhya and Living in U.S.A

I take this opportunity to share my Guru Pooja miracles and how i came in contact with GR Mama. Daily i have a habit of viewing at least one devotees experience in YouTube. One day in that connection i saw the Guru Pooja experience of Priya and Sudhakar and in the same YouTube link they had provided me the email address of mama. Like everyone i also sent an email to mama to seek blessings from Periyava to start Guru Pooja.

GR Mama mailed me the next day with his contact details and I called him and spoke about my problems. Mama comforted me saying don't worry will ask Periyava's permission to start Guru Pooja and let you know. Next day he mailed me saying Periyava has given permission to start the Pooja.

On June 14 i started my first week Pooja got a very positive vibration moment onwards that my work is going to be success by the end of 9th week Pooja. In that note three such experiences which i am going to narrate below.

After my first week Pooja my sister's application registration which was constantly causing issues daily got solved the same evening very peacefully.

During my second week Pooja i had a dream of Mahaperiyava throwing flower to my mother in a huge group gathering. That day when i called my mother she said “Yesterday, i was praying to Periyava i am trying to come to Kanchipuram but some or other problem was troubling me and unable to come please bless me and she got a news through me that Periyava threw flower to her she was so happy.

During my third week Pooja after my Pooja, i was casually viewing my cell phone and i immediately got a photo of devotee in Mahaperiyava whatapp group that Periyava appeared in Sudarshana Homam in New Jersey Raja Ganapathy temple Pooja it was divine bliss.

After my 4th week Guru Pooja, i got news from my manager about the salary increment in the coming paycheck which was out of the blue as we usually get increment during march pay cycle.

More Periyava miracles to come after my following weeks Pooja. Mentally and physically thanking Mahaperiyava for the divine guidance through GR mama. Wish mama to guide many more viewers like me through Mahaperiyava.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

Thanks & Regards, Sandhya

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