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Guru Pooja Miracles by Mrs.Sandhya -U.S.A.

Dear G.R.Mama,


I would like to thank you for being a pillar of communication between me and Periyava. Thank you is not enough.

I would like to share a miracle of Periyava which was a turning point in my life just the day before my 5th week guru Pooja.

On Wed i.e. July 18 , me and my husband were pursuing a property to own but the agent was adamant in the rate saying the sellers have quoted the property for less price and they are ready to wait till they get a party for that amount. Yesterday i told her we are ready to buy if they come for the amount we are asking else we will look for something else.

Please note, I have requested GR Mama by giving options between two properties and mama submitted the same to Mahaperiyava. Mahaperiyava gave HIS option of one property. I was very happy that by the grace of Mahaperiyava, I am going to be owner of a property but I was sad that the property slipped out of my hands. My dream was shattered.

Subsequently I told mama about my disappointment. Mama replied “Sandhya Mahaperiyava will never go wrong and HIS divine excellence is equal to the highest god of this universe. Please wait for next 48 hours. You will realize that Mahaperiyava words have come true. “

I stopped worrying and maintained silence. It was a stunning miracle that the property opted by Mahaperiyava has come to our hands from the blue again unexpectedly. I become a proud owner of a property we dreamt. This is the power of Mahaperiyava Guru Pooja. Thanks to Mahaperiyava and HIS ambassador GR Mama.

I just prayed to Periyava if the property belongs to me give me good news before my Guru Pooja tomorrow else show me some other property. Believe me or not the agent calls in the afternoon and says i am working with the buyer's agent to get the price you are asking if i get that price will you accept the offer . Then i said yes if they come to the amount i am asking i will surely take it as my Periyava has given a green signal to buy this property. Within 1 hour she calls me and says offer accepted.

My joy knew no bounds and i immediately messaged about the same to G.R.Mama. I am still not able to believe if it is true as the houses in that community sold recently 20,000 more than what we got. All Periyava's blessings. I wish and pray he continues his showers like this and many more and i don't become greedy.

I just pray to Periyava to keep me grounded and help as many needy as possible and gain the path to salvation .

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara


Thanks & Regards, Sandhya

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