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Guru Pooja Experience from Mrs. Sanjana -Bangalore

Guru Pooja Experience from Mrs. Sanjana - Bangalore

Namaskaram to everyone.

This is Sanjana from Bangalore and I take this opportunity to share my Guru Pooja miracles over the 9 weeks. I would like to briefly narrate my experience after performing the Guru Pooja for 9 weeks. My mother had performed the Guru Pooja first; praying for my father’s speedy recovery after he underwent an operation. Soon after that, she directed me to GR mama as I was going through a lot of problems both on the professional and personal front. Like most other people, I spoke to GR mama on the phone and began doing Guru Pooja as diligently as I could.

While I started out, although I was aware of the existence of Mahaperiyava’s miracles, I was hesitant to take up Guru Pooja as I have never prayed to Mahaperiyava with utmost faith and devotion in my past although I used to enjoy singing bhajans and listening to life experiences from close people around me.

My problems grew more intense as days went past with bitterness increasing in every conversation I had with my husband soon after marriage, uncertainties as to what to do next with respect to career, my mother’s back fracture and long hours of work which was unrecognized and unrewarded.

Having spoken to GR mama once and with a lot of encouragement from my mother, I did my first Pooja on May 17th 2018. Waking up at 4 am in the morning was a herculean task for me always but to derive mental peace, I shed all my laziness and did the Pooja with a lot of dedication. Tears trickled through my cheeks as I kept praying; deeply perturbed by the problems I had in life.

Soon after the second week of Pooja, for the first time in two years, I was recognized for my work and received an award which gave me a ray of hope and added positivity to my life. Things began improving as I realized the bond I shared with my husband was growing deep and we were figuring out a healthy way to communicate and be kind to each other.

With three more weeks of Pooja, I was promoted to the next level at my workplace and I received an appreciation email from the clients on the projects I worked for. As more weeks passed by, I could slowly develop some calmness in my mind. Also, doing Guru Pooja for Mahaperiyava had greatly helped me boost my morale and self-confidence.

I would like to thank GR Mama for not only showing me a way out of my problems at a point of time when I was in need, but also for praying to Mahaperiyava on my behalf regularly.

Thank you, GR mama!

Hara hara sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara




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