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Guru Pooja Miracle Experience by Muraliraj Rajan Senior Physiotherapist –United Kingdom (U.K.)

Guru Pooja Miracle Experience by Muraliraj Rajan

Senior Physiotherapist –United Kingdom (U.K.)

Dear GR Mama,

Very kind of you answering this less fortunate man telephone call every time without fail. Million thanks for that from my inner soul.

Getting GR mama contact is a miracle the way it apprehended I saw first gurupooja video, I drew an e mail and sent with full happiness. but it was wrong the e mail was bounced , I left it with sorrowfulness , I thought even reaching him is an obstacle never will my problems be solved no way.

I slept.

Next day when I search for you tube videos Priya -Sudhakar guru Pooja video crossed , In that constantly the email address were shown in the video , I believed it was entirely for me to rectify. When I checked it was my fault for it to bounce. That's how I reached him. The moment he said Hello my heart vibrated felt talking to MAHAPERIYAVA over the phone. Always I worried

I was too young when the supreme was with us but now I feel like talking to periyava when I speak to him.

Cutting short I was blessed to do gurupooja at the end. Oh my lord miracles are pouring everyday cant able to narrate them fully. Very Very Unbelievable news I heard in my life as follows...

I am working as a physiotherapist in temporary basis for 11 years in UK , never got permanent job even after several trial in these many years. After working 3 years in same place never offered permanent job that much luck I had Working in a uncertain job background for years and supporting parents in India is a real challenge for many many years.

I had no faith , belief , expectation in my future ever will I get Permanent Job to run peaceful life.

I always wanted to work in ortho related job. Which was very passionate and my field of interest.

But I worked 11 years on elderly Dept. To gain experience,andapply for permanent job in that field was even out of Imagination. I always thought it was out of reach in my entire life . Let me just forget and move on. My wife is logical thinker with very less spiritual interest.

I got an opportunity to work as a temporary job in Ortho Field after many years. I was delighted at least if I work in another 3 years I could show experience and can apply for permanent job.

By the time I was talking to GR mama parallely work place team leader asked me to apply for permanent job. My head was spinning ,said I can but I know I wont be called for an interview.

Team leader said let us try .

By the time I was ordered to do Guru Pooja , I was called for an Interview.

First week Thursday gurupooja day was given to attend Interview what a co incidence but it is an incident created by MAHAPERIYAVA.

During Interview : 2 panel members with high expertise in Ortho Dept.

I prayed Periyava to attend the interview ,I moved the chair they offered to sit believing Periyava will sit , every question they asked the words were literally flowing flowing flowing.. panel asked me to stop. Even panel answered for the question so that I wont flow again...when I came out felt Is that me answered well. Panel said they never saw candidate like me to stop the answer. Can you all

believe it but true PERIYAVA was in that room. Waited for a week for result.

2nd week gurupooja Thursday , The unbelievable news came to me Yes I got a job .

The way the job pay scale setting , the way the team accepting my request were out of the blue. more will be continued soon. GR mama was asking to do a You tube video of this experience but there is a reason why I am delaying will be revealed in the You tube video Sooner with his blessings.

Guruve Saranam, Guruve Saranam

Hara Hara Shankara Jeya Jeya Shankara



Muraliraj Rajan

Senior Physiotherapist -UK

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