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Guru Pooja Experience of Sri. Srinivasan- Coimbatore

Guru Pooja Experience of Sri. Srinivasan- Coimbatore

I had a property in outskirts of Chennai to be disposed-off. The search for a buyer went on for more than two years. I am living at Coimbatore and this process made the whole efforts more difficult and even though the local agents scouted for the buyers, the deal was never made. Totally I lost my self in this hectic task

I got to know about GR mama through one of our family friends. I went and met mama at Chennai and narrated the same to mama. He assured me that everything will go thru’ smoothly with the blessings of Shri Mahaperiyava.GR mama got the permission from Mahaperiyava for me to perform the Guru Pooja every Thursday.

With complete faith on Mahaperiyava and guidance from GR Mama we started the Guru Pooja. After the completion of the Pooja in the first week, the enquiries started to come in &with Mahaperiyava’s grace and anugraham, the deal was done.

As always indebted to Mahaperiyava and pray for his blessings and grace on our family and everyone always. I personally and on behalf of my family, I expend my heartfelt thanks to GR Mama. GR Mama’s devotion on Mahaperiyava is time tested.

Mahaperiyava Charanam.


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