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Guru Pooja Experience BY: Mrs.Soujanya

Guru Pooja Experience BY: Mrs.Soujanya

Om Namo Bhagavate Kamakoti Chandrasekaraya.

I would like to share my Guru Puja experience with you all. While my family has always been devoted to Kanchi Madam, I have never had the opportunity to meet Periyava. There was always a respect in my heart for Him, but I didn’t know very much about His life or the different ways He manifested as the divine. My mother has had some interaction with Maha Periyava much before I was born.

It is strange how things line up when it is time to receive a blessing from above, and the incidents leading up to this miracle was also preordained in that sense.

Today, I lead a very busy life with work and household responsibilities, including taking care of senior in laws. I used to do my daily Pooja before marriage, but nowadays I barely get time to go into my Pooja room much less pray. A month back, I decided that I should at least take out a few minitues a day to offer proper prayer and the search for a “quick fix” Pooja led me to Maha Periyava Ashtothram.

I started lighting the lamp and saying a quick 5 minitues Ashtothram to Periyava each day. I did not do it with any intent other than to connect for a few minutes with God. Since I started praying to Periyava, I used to browse articles and videos on Him to learn more about His life. That really opened a treasure trove of experiences that many devotees have had the privilege to experience. Many of those experiences had happened after Periyava attained Samadhi.

Now that really piqued my interest in the possibility of “actually” connecting with Him although He is no more in the physical realm. One name kept cropping up among all the devotees and that was GR Mama. On a whim, I wrote to him, not to ask for anything, but just to learn the Guru Pooja procedure. My only aim was to get “in touch” with Periyava. I did not expect GR mama to respond, as I really am a stranger and novice compared to the rest of you here.

Much to my excitement, mama wrote to me the very next day! And surprisingly, it was mama who asked me what my specific prayer to Periyava was. Honestly, our wants are multitude in this world, but when you bring those in front of the divine, every want of ours seems so insignificant. After consulting my mother, I did send my prayers and thankfully, Periyava did allow me to perform the Guru Pooja and I started my Pooja the following week.

To preface the miracle, I wanted to give you some background on the issues I was battling at home. My relationship with my mother in law has always been turbulent due to the paranoia she has been diagnosed with. This medical problem has often made me the brunt of her suspicion and bad behavior. After enduring these accusations for 6 years, I finally reached a breaking point on June 4th due to another incident and shouted back at her for the very first time.

I decided to permanently stop talking with her and end any interaction with her, although she lives with us. Despite a cold war happening at home, I did not include this as a prayer to Periyava as I didn’t think I should bother Periyava for trivial issues like this.

However, a lot of stress, anger and frustration were plaguing my mind due to this scenario.

Guru Pooja:

7.19.2018: I completed the first Guru Pooja. I have a small idol of baby Krishna. So I kept Krishna and Ganesha along with Periyava to do the Pooja, since one of my prayers was for a child with a good soul.

Later that day: I never open forwards sent on Whatsapp. I normally just ignore forwards. But that day I opened a forward sent by my uncle and it was about Maha Periyava and his picture was shared.

7.20.2018 Morning: I had early morning doctor appointments and I got positive progress on both my appointments.

7.20.2018 Evening: I was shopping grocery listening to Periyava experiences on my headphones. A video popped up where Periyava talks about fractured relationships and using harsh language. The video was about how you don’t want to carry karma to the next Janma by using harsh language on someone.

7.20.18 Night: I was travelling back from the grocery store. My mother called me and said she had a dream of Lord Krishna. Krishnan came in her dream and said, “If a person’s mind is filled with krodham (anger), only Kamsan will be born. Tell her that.”

My mother said, while she was shocked with this message, she feels it is a warning from God to me. Do not get upset any more. This is a period of penance for a child and your child should be a good soul. So do not get dragged into any negative thoughts or anger. My mother said, “In a way I am glad He gave this message much in advance of getting pregnant. So start calming your mind right now”.

I was very upset hearing that message. At the same time, I remembered what I had told my mother a few weeks earlier while talking about the problems at home. I had said – “I will apologize only if God comes in your dream and tells me to do it.” Although Krishnan didn’t tell me to apologize, I felt it was a direct message towards that.

I was in the car driving home when my mother told me. I came home, said a small prayer to Periyava asking him for the strength to apologize. Immediately I went into my mother in law’s room, fell at her feet and asked for forgiveness. I told her it was my entire fault and to forgive my immaturity. She accepted gracefully and our relationship is back to normal now.

I remembered GR Mama writing about how Periyava does “Athma Suddhi”. If I need to get closer to God, then I need to have a clean and pure mind. And this was Periyava telling me to cast away all negative thoughts and prepare myself for divine grace. Like a mother teaching her child good behavior, the Jagatguru guided me away from a pitfall of negativity.

I realized my focus should not be on my mother in law’s behavior but instead how I shape myself as a person that God wants me to be. Incidentally, I also came across this comment by another devotee to GR mama, “In HIS court nothing is lost sight of. Everything is taken into account, and every act of injustice is addressed — not at a time of our choosing but at a time when it is destined to be. Why lose our piece of mind thinking of something over which we don’t [or we can’t] exercise any control?”

So, the end result – just 24 hours after my first Guru Pooja, Paramacharya released a big stress factor that was plaguing my mind and my house. I never asked for help as I thought I can handle it myself but Periyava sees what the need of the hour is and fixes it.

As for myself, I am no longer venting in frustration and anger. My mind is clear; I try to listen to videos and blogs on Periyava all day. My pursuit henceforth is to keep my thoughts, word and action on Periyava and do good deeds.

My parents are amazed at the power of Paramacharya and his immediate grace. I never thought that one day I will be among those fortunate ones sharing a miracle. Thanks to Periyava, here I am! We are much in debt to you, dear GR mama.

Maha Periyava Thiruvadigale Charanam

With kind regards,