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Guru Pooja Miracle Experience by Sri.Padmanaban

Guru Pooja Miracle Experience by Sri.Padmanaban

Dear GR Mama அவர்களுக்கு,

After I sent my different problems to you, but I didn't mention my health issues.

but you got the Anugraham from Periyava, saying your problems will be solved.

It is a stunning miracle.

Here is the miracle:

I had chest pain and back pain for few months.

Before approaching you I had taken different medicines, after

I got the mail from your side, that day night I got some relief

from both chest and back pain.

Next day afternoon I couldn't believe I was very comfortable in office.

I should thanks for your prayers and "Anugraham" from Mahaperiyava.

Now I am perfectly alright and today I travelled to Bangalore for office work.

I can't sit continuously for 5 hrs. Today I didn't move anywhere in train,

I was reading your book only.

Thanks again for your prayers and support.

Now I surrendered to Mahaperiyava for rest of my problems.

Now Guru knows all issues about mine .


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