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Guru Pooja Experience by Ranjana Rao- Mumbai

இயற்கையும் இறைவனும் ஒன்றே

Guru Pooja Experience by Ranjana Rao- Mumbai

My job confirmation by the Government was pending for more than 20 years. When all human efforts went in vain Mahaperiyava Guru Pooja effortlessly cleared it. First week Mahaperiyava Guru Pooja enabled me to get my confirmation. Undoubtedly it is a stunning miracle by Mahaperiyava Guru Pooja.

When all hopes lost

Divine excellence of Mahaperiyava

Assures and re assures and

Hope is sustained.

I am Ranjana Rao joined as a part time teacher in July 1998 in my present job. .My senior retired in 2014. Unfortunately, the government had stopped giving approvals to teachers from 2012. As a result of this, I too didn't get my job confirmation. The situation was getting quite desperate financially.

The teachers ‘union decided to take up the matter and organized many dharnas and gheraos but to no avail. I was advised to do Guru Pooja. After first week Pooja on first Thursday, I got my approval from the blue.

I would like to humbly thank Mahaperiyava for his blessings and also to Sri.G R mama for his guidance. I successfully completed my 9 weeks of Pooja without a break.

Mahaperiyava Guru Pooja –Highest divine judiciary

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

Ranjana Rao


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