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Guru Pooja Experience by Mrs.Usha-Bangalore

Challenges in life are invisible

The only emphatic reply is

Visible protection

Mahaperiyava Guru Pooja

Here is yet another testimony

Guru Pooja Experience by Mrs.Usha-Bangalore

Namaskarams mama

This is Mrs. Usha from Bangalore. I came to know about G R mama by seeing you tube video. I wrote a mail to G R mama and in the reply I got his phone number. After a few days, I spoke to G R mama and told that I like to do the guru Pooja. He asked me the purpose for doing Pooja and I told my multi problems. Mama asked to me to wait till he gets green signal from Periyava. I have heard about Mahaperiyava before from kumudam Bhakti magazine. I got a photo of Periyava just I will light a lamp and offer sugar candy or fruits as naivediyam that's all.

After 3 days I got a mail from G R mama

That Mahaperiyava has given Utharavu for guru Pooja. On July 12th I started the 1st week guru Pooja. I didn't notice any change. On the 2nd week there was a problem in my bank account. I was very much worried and I spoke to G R mama about this. MAMA was very cool. He asked me not to worry and he will pray for me because if Periyava has given permission for guru Pooja means the problem will be solved.

Today is 4th guru Pooja but before that my bank problem got solved. I neither spoke with the bank manager nor he called me but it got solved. Who else would have done that other than Periyava? Above everything a feeling that Periyava will rescue from any problem not alone for what we ask but also if anything come in the way.

Thank GR mama for giving me strength. Thanks is not enough for getting hold of a Guru like GR Mama who is a bridge between Mahaperiyava and myself.

Jaya Jaya Sankara hara hara Sankara

Yours sincerely


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