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Guru Pooja Experience by Sandhya- U.S.A- Miracle happened 29ty July

Guru Pooja Experience by Sandhya- Miracle happened 29ty July

Namaskaram mama,

When we spoke, i forgot to mention about this incident. It was on July 29, we attended periyava's mahanyasa Pooja in a devotee's house. My son was very restless and would not come in as it was new place. My husband and him saw the Pooja from outside and went back to car. I went inside and prostrated before Periyava and saw the Pooja for 30 minutes my husband calls asking me to come as my son is very cranky. My mind wanted to stay did not want to leave in the middle of Pooja but had to go. I asked a devotee to give me vibhooti prasadem and started but all the way in car thinking i did not eat the prasadem.

The same evening i went to attend Periyava's exhibition in a temple there, i got Periyava's Vigraham they said minimum 25$ and after that how much ever you want to pay then i said in the morning Pooja itself i did kaingaryam to Periyava they said then it is your wish and were talking generally to me and out of the blue the devotee install asked did you eat payasam in the Pooja. I said no as i had to leave then immediately he poured the payasam asking me to drink. I was in tears Periyava has been listening to what was going in my mind and came as a devotee in the stall to give me prasadem.

Very happy to share this with you.

Mahaperiyava Charanam

Thanks & Regards, Sandhya

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