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Guru Pooja Experience by Mrs.Prema-Chennai

திக்கற்றவர்களுக்கு நீயே துணை

Namaskaram GR Mama.

This is Mrs. Prema from Chennai. I would like to share my Guru Pooja experiences with all of you. Got to know about GR Mama through a relative and met him in the first week of July and explained about all our issues and problems at home. Mama has listened with patience and comforted me with his kind words and said he will definitely pray to Mahaperiyava to guide us in the right direction.

After few days I got a mail from GR Mama to perform Guru Pooja for nine weeks with Mahaperiyava Anugraham. With blessings from Mahaperiyava and Mama's guidance started doing Guru Pooja.

5.7.2018 I performed first week’s Pooja. I didn’t see any significant changes in the atmosphere.

12.7.2018 Second week’s Pooja done. Younger son applied for a job in a very good company and was expecting a call from them.

19.7.2018 Got shortlisted and asked to appear for the personal interview on 24 th. ( Had darshan of Mahaperiyava Adhishtanam on the same day at Kanchipuram 19 .7. 2018).

26 .7.2018 ( 4 th week Guru Pooja day).

Got the offer letter through mail and asked to join in the first week of Aug. (Started the Guru Pooja for my younger son to get some mental peace and a solution to his complex issues). But for Mahaperiyava's Anugraham this would not have happened. Praying His Holiness that he should accept the offer and join the company on the stipulated date.

My heartfelt gratitude to GR Mama for showing me the divine path and pray Mahaperiyava for a healthy and peaceful life to GR Mama to continue his divine mission in the service of others.

Mahaperiyava charanam.


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