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Guru Pooja Experience by Mrs.Sangeetha & Vijay from Germany - scentilating experience

இந்த எல்லையில்லா பிரபஞ்சத்தின் சக்கரவர்த்தி நீ பூலோகத்தில் உள்ள ஜெர்மனி எம்மாத்திரம் உலகம் முழுதும் உலா வரும் உண்மைக்கடவுளே

நின் பாதம் சரணடைந்தோம்

Guru Pooja Experience by Mrs.Sangeetha & Vijay from Germany

Sangeetha & Vijay- Germany


When biological Relationship ends, the divine relationship begins

Here is an irrevocable proof experienced by this young couple

They have only one thing

Melting devotion and implicit faith

On Mahaperiyava

Don’t try to be a different person

But try to be a person with difference

"Have you ever longing to have a relationship of Mahaperiyava

As one of your family Member from dawn to desk everyday"

Here is a young couple from Germany

Successfully got the relationship of Mahaperiyava as one of their family member

Who is walking on the road with them, travelling with them in the bus

Visiting hospital along with them by taking an appointment from a cardiologist

Accompany them to the temple and guide them to fulfill prayers

Dear GR mama,

Mahaperiyava Charanam

My name is Sangeetha Vijay. We live in Germany. We have been reading about GR mama in the websites and Guru Pooja miracles from last year and Experience of Mahaperiyava’s devotees in YouTube.

From last year we were trying to approach GR mama for our prayers and issues to get resolved. But only this year in the month of May 2018 we came across this website There were 2 mail ids in the website. So one day just we prayed Mahaperiyava and sent a mail around 10pm German time.

We couldn’t believe our eyes that we got immediate response from Mama the next day morning itself. GR mamas mail itself made us feel like Mahaperiyava has responded. We felt like one year’s Thavam has given its fruit.

So one fine day morning we called GR mama and we both spoke to him about our problems and prayers. Mama’s words and voice were so much soothing that we both felt definitely relieved that surely everything will happen soon for us. We really couldn’t believe that we have spoken to mama for two days as we have been discussing about these for the past one year.

On 27th May, GR mama wrote to us saying Mahaperiyava has given us the Utharavu to do the Guru Pooja. We were really happy and we read the procedure mama had given carefully and whenever we had doubts regarding the procedure, we had sent mama a mail and immediately mama would respond.

We started our Guru Pooja from 31st of May. First few weeks were really a tough period to undergo. I have sent a lot mails to mama about my vents and broodings. Mama would always respond with encouraging words.

During our 7th week Pooja mama had sent to us that Mahaperiyava had entered your house and encouraged us to sit before Him with a ghee lamp and meditate. At each and every week there were experiencing small miracles happening.

But I wasn’t able to see it positively. I always felt why even one prayer of us hasn’t got answered and used to send mail to mama. One day Vijay told me, small things are happening and why don’t you start thinking positively and he told me the changes he could see in me.

That day I decided not send mama our broodings as he is been handling so many things and I shouldn’t disturb him sending mails. I also felt Mahaperiyava is only giving me this message. Hence, I decided that I will wait for the right time and collectively send Mama all the positive things only. I have described down the miracles happened to us from the first week to 9th week Guru Pooja.

First Week:

  1. We have been married for 6 years and waiting for a baby. Although we need a baby, my mind used to think always about our problems hence somewhere deep inside, I used to fear if I get a baby now, then we may not be in a position to handle. May be that thought itself kept me not becoming pregnant. So a strong message I got that I should not be thinking of our problems always. If I think of only baby, only then i will get soon. So my mindset have started changing from the start of Guru Pooja. Now whatever problems come in the middle i don’t compromise my thoughts for a baby.

  1. My husband was facing a lot of problems in his office especially first few weeks of the Guru Pooja. He even thought of resigning the job and drafted his resignation letter. But we asked Mahaperiyava before sending it and Mahaperiyava answered NO and hence he stopped sending his Resignation letter. Slowly many projects started to find him suitable but finally they would say they don’t need a person now and it kept postponing. Just a day before 8th Guru Pooja my husband had an interview for a project. He had kept Mahaperiyava and Varahi Amman picture in front of him and started the interview call. He kept praying that it should go on well and he said that all the questions including the difficult ones he was able to answer to them at ease. The interview panel was very happy and satisfied with him and they even expressed to my husband the same. It was only because of Mahaperiyava and Varahi Amman it could happen. After 9th week Pooja my husband got a message that he might be asked to join the project in the middle of August. Now the Project got confirmed and he will be joining it soon.

My husband is basically from the media background, but works in IT now. But his aim is to write a script and go back to the industry of his passion. First 3 weeks of Guru Pooja my husband was terribly annoyed that he felt he isn’t working in the right industry at all. He always wanted to go back to the industry of his choice which is media.

But he was always afraid and had no confidence on him to start writing the script. But the first few weeks of pressure in his office, somehow pushed and forced him to start writing. My husband told me that if Mahaperiyava had not put me under so much pressure i would have had no confidence and wouldn’t have started it. All the credits will go to Mahaperiyava and GR mama.

  1. Our long pending debt we are soon going to repay and few other problems related to banks are also getting resolved. It’s fully because of this Gurupoojai.

  1. After reading GR mamas mail that we should give 2 Sumangali cotton saree, I have decided that we shouldn’t depend anybody in India to buy and send. Hence I told Mahaperiyava that you should only help us to get the Saree here and also prayed that one of the Sumangali must be Mahaperiyava or Ambal and other one must be my mom (My mom passed away few years back) and told Mahaperiyava somehow you need to help to make it happen. But I wasn’t sure how it will happen.

.... We went to get cotton saree for the 2 Sumangali on a Saturday. In Germany getting saree itself is a big deal and specifically cotton we weren’t sure. But unbelievably there was one Indian shop with only 10 cotton saree and exactly only 2 saree had no black shades on it. And the shopkeeper said you can take one more Saree as its 2+1 offer.

So we bought a different Saree again without black. That day it was destined for us to get those saree. We prayed Mahaperiyava during billing that we should have bought it right and He should accept it. There were immediately beeps on mobile which proved that He acknowledged the buy.

We had planned to call two Indian families we know here for lunch and offer the ladies thamboolam and saree. But then one lady said she won't be able to come. So Vijay gave me the idea of going to the temple and giving manjal kunkumam and saree to the Sumangali there.

On 9th week Tuesday we went to the temple and spoke to the Kurugal of the temple and he accepted for the ritual and said he will bring his wife as one Sumangali and for the other we will give to any Sumangali lady who comes to the temple on that day. Then he also asked us to bring one more saree for the Ambal (Sri Nagapooshani Amman) of the temple. I also asked permission to bring sweet pongal and white channa sundal. Now we understood why Mahaperiyava made us to buy THREE SAREES.

  1. On the day of 9th Gurupoojai my husband had taken leave. We both have certain health issues. But we thought first we will start with Vijay’s issues as we had to keep buying medicines from India and have to depend on others to buy and send it here. So we decided to find a doctor here and get a right medication here itself.

  1. Since Vijay had taken holiday on Thursday we had fixed an appointment with the general doctor. We both always had fear to go to doctors because of Vijay’s health issues. So we had kept postponing it. But that day we both finished our Pooja and somehow we got confidence as GR mama had written in his last mail to us that Mahaperiyava has come to our house, and took Mahaperiyava also with us to the clinic and kept praying Him.

The general doctor after hearing Vijay’s medical history said that “I don’t think you need so many tablets and am not sure why you have been prescribed so many medicines" and asked us to meet a Cardiologists also.

He gave us a letter with the address and phone number of a Cardiologist. He also instructed my husband not to call him for appointment but to go in person and fix the appointment. This was something new. This doctor was very good that Vijay liked him.

6. Afternoon we went to the Cardiologist who was very far. It was a very hot sunny day and we had to walk very far from the station to the clinic. Vijay was telling me, for only fixing appointment we had to come here a long way like that. But then when were walking suddenly we found a bus that comes near our house on the same road of this clinic. So we now found there is a bus route and we needn't walk so much. Mahaperiyava who is coming with us again to the Cardiologist has only showed us a bus and made us realize, it was our fault for not looking for the bus route properly.

On reaching the Cardiologist clinic it was surprising that there were no patients and they said now itself we can meet the doctor.( If we had missed the appointment last Thursday we wouldn’t have got an appointment till September as the Cardiologist was completely booked on all days it seems).

Immediately they took ECG and the Cardiologist scanned Vijay’s heart and said that the previous issue for which Vijay was taking a lot of medicines has completely got sorted out (which was supposed to be more dangerous if the condition persists).

Without His Grace we wouldn't have gone to the doctors on last Thursday. My husband told me that the general doctor didn’t tell us to go directly to fix an appointment with the Cardiologist but it was Mahaperiyava who has told me in German to go directly in person and not call for an appointment.

We had an appointment for the Angiogram today. I had asked GR Mama to pray for Vijay for his tests today. GR Mama had blessed Vijay saying everything will be normal. Mama’s blessings came true today. The Cardiologists said everything is normal and suggested only 3 medicines to be taken for high BP instead of 12 medicines before.

  1. When we were coming back home from the hospital it was already late to temple and we thought we have missed the bus and have to wait for 11 more minutes for the next bus. But suddenly the previous bus came with 2 minutes delay. Hence we reached home quickly. This was also Mahaperiyava’s Grace.

  1. After reaching home quickly we got ready and we made sweet pongal and sundal and went to temple with 3 saree, flowers and 3 thamboolam. To our surprise the main Kurugal to whom we spoke nor was his wife not there. But we gave the saree for the Ambal to the other young Kurugal and it was nicely put on Ambal. There were only 2 couples other than us in the temple.

  1. There was not even a single soul other than Kurugal and a secretary at the temple office. Nicely we saw the Pooja and gave those 2 saree and thamboolam to those Sumangali. And both the families and the Secretary of the temple ate the prasadams.

My prayer of offering one to Mahaperiyava was solved as we offered one Saree to Ambal. And the other two saree we gave it to the ladies out which one lady was pregnant. I assumed them to be my mom and offered.

The interesting fact was that they both were Tamil couples, one couple had come from Kuwait as a visitor and had come to the temple for the first time and other couple is going to shift to US and hence have come for the last time to this temple. It was really because of Mahaperiyava only these 2 couples were there.

Had there been even one more extra couple or one couple less we wouldn't have known what to do. The 4 or 5 year old son of the pregnant couple kept asking for sundal to his mother for a long time on seeing us making kondakadalai malai for lord Dakshinamoorthy. But we said we have sundal as prasadams after Pooja we will give him along with sweet pongal. So the kid ate very happily after the Pooja. My husband told me that he could have been Mahaperiyava who has come as a kid and asked for sundal and ate it very happily.

On the 9th week Pooja, on waking up itself on Whatsapp we got 2 photos of Mahaperiyava one with Kamakshi Amman and other with His Padham. It was bliss to get Mahaperiyava on the 9th Guru Pooja. And after the guru Pooja Vijay’s father had shared his views on your book "என் வாழ்வில் மஹாபெரியவா ". He also felt your book is very divine and interesting. Those also made us feel very happy.

  1. My father had bought GR mamas book and everybody in the family have started reading GR mamas book and found to be very interesting and divine. We will be receiving one copy soon. Both families Vijay side and my side are praying Mahaperiyava daily and helping and encouraging us to involve more into Bhakti. We are very thankful to them.

  2. My husband wanted to get a new model camera as he has photographic skills also being a media student. But we don’t have so much money to buy it. Unexpectedly a friend of Vijay’s father wanted to sell his camera and buy a new one. It was nearly the model which my husband wanted to buy. So we had to spend only 1/4 price of the camera as a 2nd hand instead of buying it newly for the full price.

  3. We had a network connection here for the past 2 years. Vijay had to get that connection when he came here and had to buy it on contact which was for 2 years. It had given us hell a lot of problems. It was supposed to end this July but they found some reason for extending the contract till next year. But when I paid the bill this month, I made a mistake and hence Vijay had to call the customer care to inform them about it.

This time a person who spoke to Vijay told him that you can send letter once again they will surely accept it. We thought now Mahaperiyava had only instructed us and so we had send a letter once again and now we got a confirmation from them that our contract will get closed.

Mahaperiyava is solving all the problems one by one. We are sure soon our prayers also will come true. We have now left both of our lives to the Padham of Mahaperiyava and He knows what to do and when to do . The credit fully goes to GR mama without his prayers for us all these would not have happened.

GR mama thanks a lot from both of us. Without your words of encouragement through your mail and your prayers for us, in spite of your body ailments and busy schedules, we would not have gained so much confidence.

Your replies all mean a lot to us. Whenever we feel low at our confidence level, reading GR mamas reply is the first solution and then following his instructions of writing Sriramajayam and lighting ghee lamp before Him and praying Him.

I have been addicted to GR mama’s blog. I had to read the blog minimum 8 times a day. I will share the message with my husband after reading it. It really helps to boost our Bhakti to Periyava and to pray for other Baktha’s also after reading their prayers. I am sure all of the Bhakti of Mahaperiyava will always be blessed by Him and GR mama.

You need not bend the Sky

Mend yourself a good soul

Things will fall in places for you.

Guru Padhame Charanam

Thanks and Regards,

Sangeetha and Vijay

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