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Guru Pooja Experience by Mrs.Harini Vasudevan -Chennai

நாங்கள் மண்ணில் செய்யும் ஒவ்வொரு பிரார்த்தனைக்கும் விண்ணில் இருந்தபடி தவறாமல் அனுக்கிரஹம் செய்யும் பிரபஞ்ச தேவா உனக்கு விண்ணும் சொந்தம் மண்ணும் சொந்தம் எங்களுக்கு மண்ணை தவிர வேறொன்றும் தெரியாது விண்ணை பொறுத்தவரை எங்களுக்கு தெரிந்ததெல்லாம் மஹாபெரியவா ஒருவரே.

Dear GR mama,

I am writing my guru Pooja experiences in this mail. Kindly go through it and forgive me if there are any mistakes.

I am Harini Vasudevan. I came to know about GR mama after seeing an Experience on youtube.I got in touch with mama and after talking to him over phone. i went to see him and i told him about my problems and asked him to pray to Periyava if I can do the guru Pooja. The very next day i got the permission to start the Pooja and GR mama briefed me about the procedure.

I started my guru Pooja and after every week Pooja is completed I used to call GR mama to tell him about my experience. I used to listen to Periyava miracles in the lives of his devotees on YouTube and I was asking Periyava if there was something lacking in my Pooja that i was not getting the connection with him, Periyava heard my prayers and unbelievable things started to happen changing the course of my life entirely.

After my 5th guru Pooja I saw a video of Kamakshi Dasan mama ,I got his contact number and i called him. To my surprise he told me he has Rudraksham that was worn by Periyava himself and that he would give it to me when I visit him. I was so happy after speaking to him.

I started to cry inconsolably. ,I went there very next day to see him and he gave me 2 Rudraksham worn by Periyava himself .I was filled with joy ,after the next guru Pooja ,I gave it to my husband and son and asked them to wear it. This was only the beginning. After this incident unbelievable things happened in our life.

Before my 9th week Pooja,I came to know from my mother that Sri sri krishna premi anna was giving a discourse on bhagavatam in Kanchi mutt. I immediately took a bus to Kanchipuram the next morning to see Anna. My only concern is my son and his problems. ,

I saw Anna and told him about my problems after which he blessed my son saying " அவன் நன்னா இருப்பான் நீயும் பாக்கத்தானே போறே " he then called him by his side and applied kumkum on his forehead and also mine. I could not speak a word after that and i started crying Anna again blessed my son and he went inside.

After this we went to kanchi mutt ,bala periyava was doing chandramouleeswarar Poojai,we waited for a long time to see and talk to Periyava, but he was doing his daily anustanam,.Then we were about to leave ,someone called us and asked us where we were from and told us to wait as Periyava was about to give darshan after 10 min.

We were very happy and we came back. Periyava came and there was a huge crowd. All of them were in traditional attire ,where as i was in salwar and my son was wearing shorts,i was wondering whether Periyava would see us. But to my surprise he pointed to my son and asked me who is he.

I was shocked because we were standing in the last in a corner ,we then came in front and i told him about my son and his problems ,he asked me about his Nakshatra and gotra. He was silent for a while then he told me to make him study polytechnic and he then asked me to wait and asked his disciples to bring abhishekam water from inside(this water was used for kamakshi Amman abhishekam ,being Aadi month and it was a Tuesday) before i could react they asked my son to remove his shirt and poured the abhishekam water on him. In front of everyone was shocked and tears were rolling down my eyes ,they then gave me a veshti to change, we went to the changing room and came back wearing the veshti, he was all yellow because of the turmeric water.

I could see a glow in my son's face immediately ,we then went running to take his blessings but Periyava went to rest. So we waited till evening and again an unbelievable experience, he called my son and gave him akshathai and said "ennada polytechnic padikaporiya".I was so happy and he again blessed my son and smiled at me. I felt as though Mahaperiyava himself was looking at me because I always cursed myself that i did not get to see Periyava when he was with us, thought my mother had taken me as a child to Kurnool in 1983 to see Periyava.

I had no remembrance of it and after that i could not meet him personally, all my concerns were answered by him on that one single day everyone around me were saying how blessed my son is that they performed the abhishekam for him and it being Aadi madam sevvai kizhamai it was all the more auspicious.

I called GR mama to tell him about my experience and he said it was periyava's karunai. I am greatly thankful to GR mama for showing me a way and now i know for sure that Periyava will take care of my son and he will have a great and bright future. My Pranams to G.R mama once again because without him this would not have been possible. Thank you mama.


Harini Vasudevan