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Guru Pooja Experience by Sri. Ravishankar-U.S.A

Guru Pooja Experience by Sri. Ravishankar-U.S.A


Miracles in our life by Shri Periyava

Miracle #1 Last Month we were in Houston and we were planning to drive back to our home town Plano in Texas. I casually messaged one of our Kamakoti Satsang members that I am in Houston and he told me to visit one Ganesh Raghu because they have Periyava Padukai. I instantly agreed and went with family to their house in evening. It so coincidentally happened that Pudu Periyava Padukai came from Madam to his house exactly at that time, so we witnessed it and received it. It was all due to Periyava grace

Miracle #2: This morning Aruna was pointing to one particular Periyava photo in internet and said she likes that photo a lot. I tried to put that as Wallpaper in our laptop but the size was not proportionate and so i tried but removed it. Then i went to my friend (who came from India) because he had brought a Ambal uruvam for my Panchayatana set. He told me he will buy it from Giri Trading. When I went there today, he said he couldn't buy from Giri but instead bought from our Madam itself. I was so happy on hearing this. When he gave that Ambal to me, along with it was a Periyava photo - exactly the same thing that Aruna pointed this morning. Amazing coincidence Mama

with kind regards,

Ravi Shankar

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