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Guru Pooja Experiences by Mrs.Janaki Krishnan-Chennai

Application of soul in Divinity

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Guru Pooja Experiences by Mrs.Janaki Krishnan

Namaskarangal G.R.Mama

This month 18th, we have organized a trip to Coimbatore to see my parents. Morning we reached Coimbatore around 8 o clock and we wanted to meet my husband's friends first and then proceed to my sister's place. When we went to one of friend’s house, we were talking about Mahaperiyava miracles happened to so many people’s life and longing for such miracles in our life too. Miracles started happening on that day in our life too. Here are our experiences of Mahaperiyava Guru Pooja.

First Miracle

When your soul longing for Mahaperiyava

Mahaperiyava adores you

And quench your longing thirst

Husband’s friend is an artist and his father also an artist. One particular portrait of Mahaperiyava was so attractive to my husband and he wanted his friend to sketch it. Normally it takes month time for him to complete one sketch.

While we were talking to them and before leaving, I requested him to help us to get a sketch of Mahaperiyava. In fact it was not my voice but the voice of my soul. The artist looked at me puzzled for a few seconds.

He went inside and came out after some time and gave us the sketch which we wanted.

The sketch was the same one which we were longing to have. Mahaperiyava in the sketch gave us a soft look and asked us “Are you satisfied?”. I could not control my tears and my husband also cried.

We never expected this but happened. Hours of longing was quenched in a fraction of a second by Mahaperiyava. Let your soul be a medium of communication between you and Mahaperiyava. Your prayer will be answered without lose of time.


Then we went to one of our friend’s house at Coimbatore. He told us that he will arrange for a one Mahaperiyava photo frame. Expecting one more frame extra for my exclusive use we went there. I prayed Mahaperiyava to bless me. We are really stunned when he was giving us two frames and both are excellent.

Again longing for a soul’s thirst

Was quenched in seconds


During my meditation session I pleaded Mahaperiyava to bless me with Puthaga so that through Padugai I can have closer proximity wit Mahaperiyava. I thought this is too much to ask because I am not doing sasthrothama Pooja and it is not good to ask padugas. But it was my soulful wish.What a surprise my soulful wish was answered by Mahaperiyava.

When we went to our friend’s house, husband and wife gave one set of padukas (small) and I was stunned. Once again our eyes were glistened to experience the Karunai of Mahaperiyava.

Why these soulful events are happening to us and what is Periyava conveying us. I cried and cried. Now Periyava is guiding us. We realize now that we have to live a clean life and our life journey should be in HIS path.

I wanted to share this because Mahaperiyava is guiding us and we should all follow தர்ம வழி.

Namaskarangal G.R. Mama


Janaki Krishnan

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Gayathri Rajagopal