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Guru Pooja Experience By Mrs.Vidya Iyengar

பரம்பொருளே உன் பெயர் சொன்னால் நரகம் கூடசொர்கமாக மாறிவிடும். குழந்தைகள் மனது உனக்கு எம்மாத்திரம்

Guru Pooja Experience By Mrs.Vidya Iyengar

Respected G.R Mama,

Thank you for including us in your prayers to Sri Mahaperiyava.

I would like to inform you of the positive changes I noticed last evening in my daughter, after I started the Guru Pooja. For the past few weeks, she had been very dull and moody.

Yesterday evening after I lit lamps, did 108 pradakshinam and chanted 108 Mahaperiyava ashtothram, I offered mangala Harathi to my son and asked my daughter if it was okay for me to offer her the mangala harathi.

She gladly came and took the blessings. It was an amazing change in her attitude. She usually refuses to take part in any Pooja as she claims to be a non-believer of God.

Also, she cordially called me and said she had registered for the French exam that she missed last academic year and has paid up for the registration from her account. I was extremely worried about her paying attention to the details of the exams that she had to take.

With the blessings of Sri Mahaperiyava and respected G.R Mama, I am very hopeful that everything will be fine and peace and shanthi will prevail in our family. Mahaperiyava’s miracles are game changing in nature.

Thank you very much G.R.Mama for everything you do for devotees like us.. It is an honor to be connected to wonderful souls like you and surrender to Sri Mahaperiyava's feet.

With Due Respects,

Vidya Iyangar

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