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Guru Pooja Experience by Sri G.Subramania Iyer-Bombay

Guru Pooja Experience by Sri .G.Subramania

One Prayer to Mahaperiyava

Addresses many problems


Personal & Social problems

W could submit only our tears

As a token of our GRATITUDE


Shri Gurubhyo Namaha

We had the fortune of enjoying and getting grace of Mahaperiyava through Guru Pooja, which we wish to share with you all. Though we have been followers of Acharyas and I had the fortune of seeing Maha Swamigal in my dream and he answered to the specific query of my wife. Still the experience of HIS grace through Guru Pooja is beyond words, which I feel you would realize after reading our experience


For many years, we wished to perform Upanayanam of our younger son, but somehow it was getting delayed. In fact he has been pestering us since he was six to get Upanayanam performed.

Now this February we decided to perform his Upanayanam in April taking into account all aspects. Still deep in our hearts, we were afraid of certain fears.

On one hand, my wife who had been already operated for women related problem had the same problem relapsing that for every 15 to 18 days, she was getting periods which would continue beyond normal time. We sought the medical help and approached doctors.

Doctors suggested removal of uterus. On the other hand, my medical report indicated that left ventricle of heart suffered because of dysfunction, when we consulted. Three cardiologists in Chennai and Mumbai, said it is normal process of ageing, like whitening of hair and this cannot be reversed.

In view of above, we decided to perform his Upanayanam at the earliest. Thirdly, for more than 28 years as I have been out of my home town staying different parts of the country, we were not in a position to attend all functions of all relatives and many of them were out of touch. Hence, we were apprehensive as to how many of them will turn up for the function.

Though we had fixed the date, we feared if my wife gets her period and if so we will not be able to perform Upanayanam by ourselves. At this juncture, I came to know about GR Mama through Sage of Kanchi website.

I contacted him and told our problems. He got Mahaperiyava’s permission to undertake Guru Pooja and also conveyed Mahaperiyava’s message that you will perform your son’s Upanayanam without any hassle and it will happen in grand fashion and your health issues will be resolved, which gave us Himalayan confidence to go ahead with the function.

Emboldened with Maha Periyava’s message, we made all arrangements, though my wife was hurt by some relative’s remarks about need of such arrangements like marriage when only around 20 to 30 people expected to come for the function.

But, we were certain that Maha Periyava will make our day. The day of the function came. It was an open challenge between Mahaperiyava’s divine excellence and our fear pertaining to our relative’s attendance to the function.

To our delight, almost all invitees turned up for the function that the hall which had the capacity of 150 was inadequate. We saw many relatives after so many years and found that their affection continued unabated.

At the end, the gift bag (Muhurtham bag) distributed to guests were exhausted and exactly only one was left, which we retained as memento. My wife who was suffering from period’s problem did not get it even after such exertion and our trip to our family deity and then return to Mumbai. After that the period’s problem is completely gone and doctor has now said there is no need for operation.

The Beauty of this Miracle of Mahaperiyava

Is one single miracle addresses many

Allied problems