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Guru Pooja Experience by Mrs.Roopa-The word of Universe “Mahaperiyava” encapsulates Brahma Vishnu Ea

Guru Pooja Experience by Mrs.Roopa

பெரியவா உங்களை அம்பாள் காமாட்சியாக பார்க்கிறோம் இதோ ரூபா ஒரு வாழும் உதாரணம்

The word of Universe “Mahaperiyava” encapsulates

Brimma Visnu Easwaran Ambal Kamatchi Goddess Saraswathi

And Lakshmi

Namaskaram GR Mama!

I would like to share my divine experience with you. The magical moment Mahaperiyava entered my life gives me goose bumps each time I think of it!

I am a born Shri Vaishnavite. ( Om Namo Narayanaya) I got married at the age of 22 and just within five years of marriage, my husband was diagnosed with a deadly nervous disease called Multiple sclerosis. It is a disease which affects central nervous system and leads to a vegetative state.

Our traumatic journey of life began then. For many years now he has been a handicap whose limbs have failed and there has been no balance from neck to toes. Battled a lot for the last 25 years and right now he is in the last stage of the disease.

Apart from the battle I face along with him, I have faced my own deep emotional battle. Exhausted! I held myself strong for the children. But my soul always searched for deeper and higher cosmic connection!

One fine day, I was surfing YouTube. Mahaperiyava's life documentary just popped up on its own and caught my attention. I watched the video for the very first time and it stirred my soul massively!!

I watched it repeatedly! And also forwarded to my sister and mother urging them to watch . I underwent an unexplainable feeling at that moment along with a feeling of utter sadness that I have missed meeting the lord while he blessed the world with every breath of his!

Days passed, and this one particular day, I was highly agitated and was desperate for solace, I went into meditation. I reached a state of bliss and all I could do was call out to the Paramacharya.

I literally felt he was right in front of me listening to all I had to say! Finally, I said, Periyava!! How unlucky I have been that I haven't seen you when You blessed the earth with your divine breath! It pains me a lot!

You are aware of my situation at home. My husband needs care all the time. But I am longing to at least Prostrate to you on the land you have walked on! Kindly give me an opportunity for it!! As I said this, tears rolled down my face. I came out of meditation and I was breathing like a flower..No agitation!

Two days later, I visited my sister. She had decided to perform Upanayanam for her son. As we were talking, my aunt suggested that we go to Kanchipuram to buy things for the Upanayanam! I was taken aback for a minute, to me that was a divine call from Mahaperiyava! Just two days before that, I had expressed to him how desperately I wanted to go to Kanchipuram! My heart raced on hearing them suggest this!

Now I was determined that I should somehow go! I convinced people at home that I will go in the morning and come back by night! I finally made it to kamakoti I entered, and saw a huge picture of Periyava on to my right, I reached out to his feet and sobbed! It was tears of absolute Bhakti!

Divine experiences followed after this! We had taken Saree to offer to Kamakshi Ambal. We were supposed to head back to Bangalore at 5 but we got delayed. But I dint want to leave without seeing Ambal.

As we hurried up and stopped in front of the magnificent Kamakshi temple, my heart sank! I saw a huge crowd and I was so sure there was no way we could get in. I thought we could at least prostrate in front of the gaja sthambam and leave. So, entered the temple utterly disappointed. I saw an old man standing at a distance and watching me.

As I went towards him, I said, I have sarees to offer Kamakshi. All that he said was, " you come in, I will wait for you"! And he went away. I did not know his name. I only remembered his face! We couldn't believe we were proceeding into the temple like some magic had happened!

As we walked in, I was constantly looking for this person who said would wait for me! He was no where. In the dark, at a distance, I saw someone do a mangalarathi and could hear the bell. In the light of the deepam, I could see his face! It was the same mama. And from the distance, he turns around and looks at me again, with a sign asks me, have you people come in?

I nodded my head with my hands folded. Within seconds, he is not to be seen. Someone else comes to me and says, I am told to take you in. We just went where ever the person lead us. Felt like heaven! I see Kamakshi glitter in the light of the deepam!

The priest tells me, I know you have come to offer sarees. Just wait and you will see all the Saree that you have brought right on Ambal. He tells us to sit right in front of her! All I know is that I am sobbing with my hands folded. The only words I am uttering are, Thaye! Jaganmathe! What a bliss! Two eyes were not enough to imbibe her beauty.

The Saree were offered and we had to leave. I was still searching for the great soul who took me in. Couldn't find him. As I walked out, I see him standing exactly where he was initially when I walked in! I just fell at his feet and said, I cannot believe what just happened!

I was looking for you to thank you! He said “No it was not me! She wanted you in! She told me to bring you that are all! She wanted all the sarees you had brought. Here after, any time you come, she will take you in. And he went away. I have goose bumps even thinking about this experience! Mahaperiyava! I know it is him! I can sense! I can feel that it was divine intervention!

Me being a Sri vaishnavite, I always worshipped Ramanujacharya. The day Periyava entered my life, I told him, Periyava you are none other than Ramanuja. You are Shiva you are Vishnu. You are Ramanuja. This path is pure and divine. This athma wants only gnanam. And no discrimination! Kindly help me walk in the path where I see all forms as one without confusion of saivitete and Vaishnavite!

Few days after this, someone I know from Kanchipuram said, I have come to Bangalore. I have brought you Percival's vigraham. So I went to collect the vigraham. As he was bringing the vigraham out of his bag, I got a call from my cousin who is a regular at the yathiraja mutt in Malleshwaram Bangalore.

She said, I asked the jeeyar if you could take your husband to have his darshanam. The jeeyar went into dhyanam for few minutes and said "No I would want to go to their house myself! I want to bless them "! I couldn't believe my ears on hearing this! Just as periyava's idol was pulled out of the bag, jeeyar of Ramanuja mutt wants to come home?!!! My Mahaperiyava again gave me the answer that they are one!

Two weeks ago, I had a vision, Periyava telling me to offer annadanam at Manimandapam on behalf of all the people who want to contribute and his blessings would spread far and wide. This thought never left me! With the blessings of Mahaperiyava, I have decided to do the annadanam once in three months at Manimandapam.

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara!!

My soulful respect and devotion to you GR Mama! You are a divine soul yourself! I am truly blessed by Mahaperiyava to have found your contact. I was very touched by your beautiful mail to me! I am feeling ecstatic to join hands with you in this life to do as much as possible to spread the light of Mahaperiyava with pure and selfless devotion!

Mama, if you are posting this experience of mine on your blog, kindly mention to all your followers about the annadanam. Just wanted to share with you, A couple of underprivileged women help me with my household work. They are wanting to donate for annadanam! Even if it is a rupee that they donate, Periyava will melt with compassion for such underprivileged people!



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