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Guru Pooja Experiences by Mrs. Shravanthi-When everything is hallucinatory the only reality is the

In this world When Everything looks to be

Hallucinatory and fantasy

The only thing which assures and reassures to human is

Divine excellence of Mahaperiyava.

Here is a living example- Shravanthi

who experienced the divine excellence

of Mahaperiyava.

Guru Pooja Experiences by Mrs. Shravanthi

"I have always heard wonderful stories on mahaperiyava mahimai but have never experienced, myself. My parents and in-laws have been ardent devotees of mahaperiyava and I got acquainted with GR mama via my mother who talked me through guru poojai mahimai and about GR from an article she read elsewhere.

Even though I am well qualified with an advanced degree in pharma sciences, I was never happy with the work I was doing in the past. I longed for a job that gave me some respect and satisfaction and decided to perform guru poojai. As soon as I mailed GR mama, I got an instant reply to call him and speak to him. Mama's tone, and his comforting words provided a lot of solace to my mind.

My happiness knew no bounds when I heard mama's words " periyava unga veetukulla vandhuta" and this was enough to keep me going through the hardships that I was facing. Within no time, and even before I started the poojai, I ended up with an offer from a company that I had interviewed for, long back.

After a struggle of 2 years, this is nothing short of a miracle and I realize that, this is nothing but periyava's doing. I would like to express my immense gratitude to GR mama .My husband and I since then have been listening to 'naane varuven' twice a day, every day, meditate on his name and do japa, and I strongly feel periyava's divine grace upon me and shadowing me all the time"

Thank you.

With kind regards,


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