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Guru Pooja Experience by Sri.Thiyagarajan- Chennai

Mahaperiyava you are an autonomous angel

Life and karma are in separable

But your divine interception in life

Makes life very pleasant

Namaskaram GR Mama,

I am Thiyagarajan who got introduced to G.R.Mama for doing Guru Pooja. It is needless to to say that the care and concern shown towards me by G.R.Mama was amazing. Mama could get me permission from Mahaperiyava for doing guru Pooja. In the process of my guru Pooja I experienced two miracles which I wish to share with you all.

First Miracle:

One day before my first guru Pooja, the provisions were delivered to me as per the list given to the provisions store. While checking the provisions, I found one packet of edible was extra. I opened the pack and to my surprise it was brown channa.

Even before I get prepared for my guru Pooja Mahaperiyava made my task easy by organizing things for me to use it for guru pooja without asking for it. My question is why it should be channa. I could have been some other edibles of any other thing. I fully realize that Mahaperiyava made HIS entry in style.

The beauty was without this pack of channa I would have suffered for making a 108 channa garland for next day pooja because I did not have channa in my house..

Second Miracle:

There was a long silence about the bonus settlement in my previous company. In spite of my frequent remainders through mails and letters there was no response from them. Only absolute silence was the response.

After doing the second guru Pooja on Thursday there was intimation from the previous company that the entire arrears were settled in full through my bank account. All these days in spite of my best efforts there was no results. But when Mahaperiyava Guru Pooja was started, effortlessly the money due to me was received.

I am short of words to explain the magic of divinity. While I am sharing my miracle experience, I prostrate before Mahaperiyava.

Mahaperiyava and G.R.Mama are inseparable in my life.

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara



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