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Guru Pooja Experience by Mrs.Jothi Senthil Kumar – Minnesota –U.S.A

Guru Pooja Experience by Mrs.Jothi Senthil Kumar – Minnesota –U.S.A

Mahaperiyava your viswaroopam

Is felt and seen by every devotee

Through Guru Pooja

We are one among those devotees

Even kid’s wish is answered by you

My kid is a Living Example

Dear G.R. Mama

Hope you are doing well .I am Jothy from US. I am being blessed by Mahaperiyava through your intense prayer. I would like to share a miracle, I experienced while doing guru Pooja.

Right from the word go, my life became pleasant and filled with many happy moments after Mahaperiyava guru Pooja. I am still searching for a firm footing in my professional front.Basically I am a nurse looking after dialysis patients during dialysis. Let me narrate my miracle experience.

My husband is a very sweet person looking for a job opening which suits his standard caliber and strength. We have one kid who fills the gap between pain and pleasure in our life. I always maintain a cute beautiful small bag to pack my kids things.

Since we both are trying for a job opening, we always think twice before we spend a paisa. This afternoon, I asked my husband to get me a small outing bag to pack kids stuff and food when we go out .

I lost the old bag and keep on asking him to buy new one. He said he would buy later. I pleaded Mahaperiyava also to get me a kid’s outing bag. I am sure Periyava should have heard our wish. In the evening we went out for an Art fair , which is my daughter ‘s favorite subject .After we are done with this Art exhibition , my husband took us to the store and he himself got me the bag which I didn’t expect and surprisingly he chose the bigger one .Once billing was over we returned home. Here is the Mahaperiyava miracle waiting for me:

After reaching home , my husband went through the bill , which he never used to verify but fortunately he verified the bill.He found the kid’s bag was omitted in the bill.He called the store person and brought this unbilled bag to his notice. The unpaid bag which costs $13.00. Store person replied, you don’t have to pay $13 for the bag.

My husband said are you serious? Again the person answered , yeah Enjoy !! I got stunned and tears poring our from my eyes. My kid was looking at Mahaperiyava with the soulful expression of gratitude. I am not a big devotee like any other person but I am trying to get closer to Mahaperiyava. What can I do to see Mahaperiyava in my dream and talk to me ?? Please tell me G.R. mama. I am seeing Periyava through you. Mama you are such a super great guru to me in guiding me to do Guru Pooja. We are glad my husband got hired at 3M Company. His background check is in the process. He would narrate his incidence in detail soon Mama . One thing mama, Your kind words and gentle conversation are comforting my mind and gives the power to live with confidence. I hope my kids will come out of their health issues soon. I am blessed just because of you mama. You are the first person in my prayer everyday. Mahaperiyava saranam!! Thanks a lot mama Jothy Senthilkumar Minnesota US

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