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Guru Pooja Experience by Sri.Vaithiyanathan- U.S.A.

ஒரு பக்தன் வாழ்க்கையில் எதை வேண்டுமானாலும் இழக்கலாம்

ஆனால் உன்மீது கொண்டுள்ள பக்தியை இழக்கலாமா ?

இறுதி மூச்சின் பொழுது கூட உன்னை அழைத்தால்

தாய் பாசத்தோடு ஓடி வந்து ஆர தழுவி கொள்வாயே

நின்ற இதயம் கூட மீண்டும் துடிக்க ஆரம்பித்து விடுமே.

இதோ வைத்தியநாதன் ஒரு வாழும் உதாரணம்

Guru Pooja Experience by Sri.Vaithiyanathan- U.S.A.

I derIve immense pleasure in sharing my Mahaperiyava guru Pooja miracles with you all.More than pleasure I consider it as my privilege.

I am Vaithiyanathan from U.S.A. Though I heard about G.R.Mama and Mahaperiyava Guru Pooja through the blog peiyavaarul.com and also through the youtube videos, I never had an occasion to approach G.R.Mama. I praised G.R.Mama’s selfless service towards the suffering souls who are devotees of Mahaperiyava.

After I come to know about G.R.Mama, I was forced to experience an adversity in my profession. Yes all of a sudden the project under which I was working was discontinued by my company and within a month or so I will be forced to be out of this project and also out of my employment.

In the mean time, I ordered a book “En Valvil Mahaperiyava” authored by G.R.Mama. I was forced to apply for new job. The present situation put me in in cross roads. Having lived for so many years in U.S.A I know how difficult it is to get an employment without the technical expertise. The handy name GRMama came to my mind. I contacted GR Mama and explained the whole scenario.

Mama’s words gave me so much of solace and my confidence on Mahaperiyava’s divine excellence increased multifold. Mama said that he will submit all my problems to Mahaperiyava and get permission for doing guru Pooja.

Within few days I received a mail from Mama informing me that Mahaperiyava gave me Utharavu for doing guru Pooja. On that day, my mind was clouded and my thought process was completely paralysed. But my grip on the Mahaperiyava guru Pooja was more because Mahaperiyava guru Pooja was my last straw in mylife.

I was afraid of my profession because at any second I may get information that I am out of my current employment. Yes that morning I was informed that I was out of my job. My challenge has become multi tasking now.

My family depends on my salary very badly. I had my school fees to be paid for my child. Added to this there are other commitments too to me met on recurrent basis. With the very heavy heart I started doing the guru Pooja with the Himalayan belief that Mahaperiyava will come to my rescue and salvage me.

What a surprise. Morning I completed my first Mahaperiyava Guru Pooja, evening my manager wanted my resume to be forwarded to a company, who are looking for people to be recruited for their new project. I had sent my resume with my own apprehension. First of all the technology was new to me. I have to equip myself with the new technology. I was not confident of getting this job as there was so much of competition.

There was absolutely no chance of getting that job. Though the chances of getting this job was sleek but my confidence on Mahaperiyava guru Pooja was sky high. Any thing unbelievable can happen at any second of time. In the mean time my second guru Pooja was due on Thursday.

I mustered all my strength and belief on Mahaperiyava.I started my Gurun Pooja with the great hope that some out of box solution will come to me. I completed the Pooja with total satisfaction. I meditated by lighting a ghee lamp and sat before Mahaperiyava and expressed my anguish. This conversation method as taught to me by GR Mama.

At the end of my conversation my inner voice instructed me to open mymail box. I opened my mail box and the stunning miracle happened. Yes in spite of lack of experience in the particular field I was selected and posted at New York.

Before guru Pooja my life was at threat but after Mahaperiyava Guru Pooja my life became secured.

I should express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the selfless noble service G.R Mama is doing for the devotees of Mahaperiyava.

Undoubtedly Mahaperiyava guru Pooja is the last resort for any kind of salvation. I pray Mahaperiyava to give good health and longevity to G.R.Mama so that many devotees can get the benefit.

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

With kind regards.


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