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Guru Poojaa Experiences by Shri.Sriram-U.S.A


உன் குரு பூஜை என்ன அக்ஷய பாத்திரமா கேட்டதும் கிடைக்கிறது கேட்காததும் கிடைக்கிறது இதோ உன் பக்தன் ஸ்ரீராமுக்கு நீ செய்த அனுகிரஹமே ஒரு சாட்சி

- காயத்ரி ராஜகோபால்-

Guru Poojaa Experiences by Shri.Sriram-U.S.A

Dear GR Mama,

Aneka Namaskaram!

My name is Shriram and I spoke to you today morning about how you have helped me connect with mahaperiyava and through periyava I got a new job and new addition in my family. Yes I am blessed to have a baby within few months.

Here is my experience:

My name is Shriram and I live in the US. Through the blessing of mahaperiyava, pudhu periyava and our current periyava, I have a good and stable job. For last 2 years (2015-2017) I had been pursuing a part time MBA degree.

My thought was to complete the program and move into a new domain since I had been working in the same field for more than 5 years. Although, I completed the degree by Spring of 2017, I just couldn't find a new job.

There were just too many hindrances and obstacles on the way such as experience & skills not being relevant, location, networking difficulties and of course the visa situation. Almost after 16 months of search, I literally lost hope.

I had probably reached out like 50 people withing my own company and about 50 people outside including alumni, however the progress was close to nill with every opportunity that seemed to be leading to a dead end.

Mahaperiyava Guru Pooja Intervention in my life:

At this point of time, by sheer grace of periyava, I came across the blog of GR mama on YouTube. Although I know other blogs such as sage of kanchi, I did not know about GR mama and guru pooja until I visited the blog in mid July 2018.

After about a week, I wrote an email to mama explaining my situation and asked him if he can get me permission from periyava to do guru pooja. Mama immediately replied saying that periyava that accepted my request and sent me detailed instructions.

I began to do guru pooja and within the 2nd week, it was just an absolute miracle. I received my first interview call in about 6 months and the following week I received another call. I attended both the interviews.

I was totally overjoyed and it was the first positive news in many months. However, I was turned down on the first job after a week of my interview. I began to feel a little sad, but my 2nd job interview was still pending. After about 4 more weeks of Guru Pooja, I received an email saying the hiring manager needed more time.

Here is the miracle of Guru Pooja.

I got really worried and just prayed to periyava, what ever happens periyava, at least you be with me. You wouldn't believe me, in the 8th week of guru pooja, I got the job offer. This is possible only through the ultimate grace of periyava.

Guru Pooja answered my non pleaded prayer:

If that was not enough, I think periyava decided I should be given a small bonus. I also recently found out that my wife and I will be adding a new member to our family soon. We are both extremely happy and delighted and as always continue to pray to periyava. I firmly know it is through a combination of prayer, bhakti and adherence to periyava's teaching and principles that one will always have periyava's blessing.

GR mama has been so kind and encouraging and when I spoke to him over phone, and he was also very happy for me. He asked me to pen this experience down and I hope it will encourage all of you to follow periyava's footsteps.

I conclude my experience like this.

Mahaperiyava- guru Pooja and G.R. Mama are inseparable.

Thank you.

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

Namaskarams, Shriram