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Guru Pooja experience by Smt. Jaya


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Guru Pooja experience by Smt. Jaya

Namaskaram GR Mama,

While I express my sincere thanks to you for obtaining permission from Mahaperiyava for doing guru Pooja as solutions to our various problems, I wish to impress upon you that I am suffering from severe knee pain for many years.

Last evening, when I was composing the mail to you, I had mentioned about my knee pain in my left leg and I was afraid whether I would be able to do the guru Pooja next day morning and also for following weeks pooja.

I prayed Mahaperiyava with tears in my eyes that I should be able to do guru pooja next day at leas till the time I complete my Pooja. Usually people pray for total relief from pain but in my case, I cannot pray like that because it is medically proved that I have to endure this pain life long because of my age.

Next day I got up and started the Pooja arrangements. Quite surprisingly there was absolutely no pain and I was comfortable in doing 108 pradakshnam without pain. I could do the pradakshnam as if a teenager doing.

But after the Pooja, I started experiencing pain as usual. But this time my experiencing pain was absolutely different because Mahaperiyava heard my prayer and answered immediately. Though the pain was there, I could withstand the pain. Yes my threshold was increased multi fold.

Even if I am going to experience pain through out my life I am prepared accept the pain with pleasure because of two reasons.

  1. My karma.

  1. On medical grounds

Since Mahaperiyava becomes a solace and solution for me I am prepared to withstand the pain with pleasure.

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

With kind regards,