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Guru Pooja Experience by Mrs. Usha- Bangalore

எங்கள் கவலையை உங்கள் கவலையாக

ஏற்றுக்கொண்டு அனுக்கிரஹம் செய்யும் பரம்பொருளே

உங்களுக்குள் நாங்கள் எங்களுக்குள் நீங்கள்

பரப்பிரும்மமே நின் பாதம் சரணம்

-G.R. மாமா-

Guru Pooja Experience by Mrs. Usha- Bangalore

Hello sir am Usha from Bangalore I am sharing my Mahaperiyava’s grace from my experience after doing guru Pooja. I met Gayathri Rajagopal mama to ask about the viradam for MahaPeriyava.

My prayer was to bring my brother back to his own house with good health who is in old age home and suffering by paralysis problem after medical science given up hope to revive the life of my brother.

I told these details to GR mama and subsequently mama got permission from periyava and suggested me to do Mahaperiyava guru Pooja for 9 weeks on every Thursday. Mama also sent me the details explaining the procedure.

I fully surrendered to Periyava by doing Pooja as specified by mama with melting devotion and absolute faith. , After one and a half month my prayer was answered. Yes, my brother returned to his home with his wife with improved health.

When I lost hopes and belief that my brother coming back home with good health was a dream at a distance. But Mahaperiyava guru Pooja made the dream as reality by blessing my brother very generously.All these happens because of periyava's anugraham only.. Thank you GR Mama for showing me way to Mahaperiyava.

Thanks & Regards

K Usha

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