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Gur Pooja Experience of Mrs.Jayanthi

பெரியவா நீங்கள் இன்றும் எங்களுடன்

ஒரு ஒரு இறை கேடயமாக வாழ்ந்து வருகிறீர்கள்

இதை நிரூபிக்கும் வகையில் குரு பூஜைக்கு வந்திருப்பதை

எல்லோருக்கும் உணர்த்தி கொண்டும் வருகிறீர்கள்.

இதோ நீங்கள் பூஜைக்கு வந்து விட்டிர்கள்

என்பதை நிரூபிக்கும் வகையில் உங்கள் அற்புதம்

திருமதி ஜெயந்தி அவர்களின் அனுபவம்

Gur Pooja Experience of Mrs.Jayanthi

Dear G.R.Mama,

Thank you so much for obtaining utharavu from Mahaperiyava for doing Gru Pooja. I am really fortunate enough to narrate my guru Pooja experience even before I start the guru Pooja.

For the past ten years my son is experiencing heavy heart with clouded mind. I used to advice him to do some social service so that he can have diversion of mind. All my advice of ten years went in to deaf ears.

Yesterday G.R.Mama’s mail was in my computer informing the pleasant news that Mahaperiyava granted permission for me to do guru Pooja. Even before I read the mail of G.R.Mama, I was witnessing a change in the attitude of my son.

Yes! He invited two poor kinds for free maths tuition. I was so happy to witness this dramatic change in the attitude of my son.

Certainly it is intimation that Mahaperiyava arrived for my guru Pooja. I am waiting for the day where all my prayers will be answered by Mahaperiyava. G.R.Mama said that Mahaperiyava will make me realize HIS arrival for the Pooja and undoubtedly this miracle is a testimony for G.R.Mama’s statement. Mahaperiyava arrived.

I expect to experience many more miracles of Mahaperiyava in my life.

Mahaperiyava Charanam.

With kind regards,


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