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Guru Pooja Experience by Mrs.Usha- Delhi

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Guru Pooja Experience by Mrs.Usha- Delhi My son was doing his Masters Degree in the US and during his final semester last year he started applying for jobs . That was when I decided to approach GR Mama. I had heard about his unwavering devotion to MahaPeriyava and how his only purpose in life was to help others in he would pray to MahaPeriyava on behalf of all devotees to make their wishes come true. I mailed GR Mama in August ‘18 and requested him to get Utharavu for starting the Guru Pooja.I finally got Utharavu in September and started my Guru Pooja with all sincerity. There were many set backs even after I started the Pooja and I was disappointed so many times.

But GR Mama kept telling me to be patient and not lose faith .He also kept assuring me that Periyava will take care of everything and will bless us at the right time.His kind words were so encouraging and kept me motivated. In the meanwhile my son kept applying and interviewing with several companies. I completed 9 weeks of Guru Pooja and on GR Mama’s advice started the second round of Guru Pooja. Finally after I finished the second week of Pooja (in the second round) my son finally got a job offer! It was such a happy moment for us ! Although initially my son was a little disappointed because it was not up to his expectation, he decided to accept it .I spoke to GR Mama and he said that MahaPeriyava has blessed him and that He will take care of his future. I am so thankful to GR Mama for guiding me all through my Guru Pooja and praying continuously for my family.

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

Regards Usha, -Delhi

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