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Guru pooja experience of Mrs.Visalakshi-Finland

Guru pooja experience of Mrs.Visalakshi-Finland


HE is beyond the beyond

Mahaperiyava guru pooja

Piloting Visalaksahi’s life

In Finland- a living example

For divine excellence of Mahaperiyava.

My name is Visalakshi Ganesh and I am a Chartered Accountant from Mumbai. I have been a very devotional person since childhood and have always had a lot of faith and belief in God.

My parents are followers of Mahaperiyava and we are tamil brahmins. God has been very kind to us and we have got his help in every step of our life. I was working for a French bank in Mumbai since past 5 years and my husband was employed with an IT company in Mumbai.

My husband got an opportunity to move to Finland for a project for 3 months in April 2017. In June 2017, his project got extended for another 1 year. I visited Finland couple of times in 2017 but was not sure if I could ever move to this country and live here.

Meanwhile in December 2017, I got a Job offer from a company in London. I decided to quit my job in Mumbai and move to London. So, I resigned from my present job and was doing preparations for my move to London. My new employer started doing arrangements for my visa and other things. My husband agreed to move to London within a year’s time. I was super excited to move to London and start my new job.

Meanwhile I came to visit my husband in Helsinki, Finland in the month of April 2018 for 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, due to some issues, my visa process for my UK job got delayed. I kept waiting for 2 months till May 2018 but there was no response.

In June 2018 first week, the employer told me that they would have to cancel my employment offer as the visa process is getting delayed a lot and they cannot wait anymore. I was totally lost and did not know what to do. I had already quit my earlier job in Mumbai and was not mentally prepared to live in Finland.

Randomly I came across a video of Guru pooja miracles on YouTube and I thought that I should contact GR mama and speak about it. I spoke to him and explained my situation to him. Guru mama was so humble, and kind hearted. He spoke to me so nicely. He is a very humble and great person.

He told me that I can start doing the Guru Pooja from the next Thursday. He ensured and told me that I would end up getting a better job and I should not worry about anything. He sent me an email with all the instructions to follow.

I did my first Guru Pooja on 14th June 2018, Thursday. It was a very eternal experience for me very personally. On 16th June 2018, We got a news that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar(Guruji from Art of Living) was visiting Helsinki for 2 days on 17th and 18th June.

I just went there to meet the coordinator who was a Finnish lady to ask if she needs any help and she asked me If I can make some Indian food for Guruji for 2 days (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).

She said there are very few Indians living here and it would be great help if I can cook food for around 30 people as there are lot of people travelling with him in Helsinki for 2 days.

I told her ok immediately. I was not sure how am I going to cook for 30 people all by myself.

When I first met Guruji at the airport and the moment when I was serving him food, I felt as if

Mahaperiyava himself has come in the form of another Guru and I got an opportunity to serve him for 2 days with food. Guruji blessed us and it was a wonderful experience. Everyone enjoyed the food.

Throughout the time when I was cooking, I was chanting JAYA JAYA SHANKARA HARA HARA SHANKARA along with Guru brahma Guru Vishnu Song. There was a Rudra pooja and it was beautiful.

On 21th June, I completed my 2nd Guru pooja on Thursday and informed GR mama about it.

He told me and ensured that I would surely get a job. On 28th June, I got a call from