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Guru pooja Experience by Mrs.Geetha of Mumbai

Guru pooja Experience by Mrs.Geetha of Mumbai


You answer our prayers in many ways

Anonymous voice through unknown persons

And even from unknown directions.

This post carries your miracle through a dream.

Geetha of Mumbai shares her experience

Good Morning Mama.

I am happy to share that today I have completed Guru Puja with utmost happiness. This itself gives me confidence in life. I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you. I want to share a news . Mama before getting reply from you , I prayed and pleaded Periyava to come in dream( thinking only then Periyava accepted me). I had very bad dream that day, so I fought with HIM badly and even two days I didn’t pray him. Then I prayed and asked the same with Vinayagar.

That day in my dream my school teacher came. He is a very good and strict teacher. His name is G.Ramachandran Sir and we used to call him G.R. Sir. Today when I am doing Guru Puja this flashes in my mind. So GOD and Periyava Showed you as my GURU which I didn’t realized that day. I asked for the darshan of GURU. We have so many teachers but GR sir only came in my dream. Within two or three days I received reply from yourself too. So God showed you as my GURU and made me very happy.

I was in a very high position earning Rs 1,00,000, due to internal politics( which is not my mistake) and due to few colleagues(whom I helped a lot) I lost my job. Now I am not getting any job and same time I am not able to attend interviews too( because I was in high position they are not sending my resume to Management itself).

Even I am ready for next level, they are not ready to accept my profile thinking that I may become competitor in future. In society too I am facing many insults. Pl Mama, pray well for me.

I am not able to reach you over phone . Hence I am mailing you .

Thanks to GR Mama.

Periyava Charanam.

Jeya Jeya Shankara, Hara Hara sankara.

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GR Mama

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