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Guru Pooja Experience by Sow.Vyjayanthi Chennai

Guru Pooja Experience by Sow.Vyjayanthi

Mahaperiyava Bakthi & HIS

divine excellence is

Not an imaginatory

Not a hallucinatory

Not a dream at a distance

But an existential reality

Vyjayanthi is a living example

I came to know about this puja and G.R. mama through my chithi. I thought of sending a mail to mama since I was not able to clear my CS final exams and for few other personal reasons. On 18th september,2018 I sent a mail to him. After that I started checking my mail with a hope of getting a reply. I really wondered whether out of many mails’ mama get in a day, will I get permission for doing puja. A week went by and suddenly on 26th September, 2018 morning I got a mail from G.R. Mama to start the guru puja the next day. I was so happy and felt so blessed that I got the opportunity to do guru puja.

The great blessing was I never had any hindrance during those 9 weeks. I really felt Mahaperiyava is at home to bless us during the puja. I completed my puja in November and appeared for exams the following month. Before exams I was tensed and spoke to GR Mama..

When I usually speak to mama, his response to my problems and worries will be so tailor made and customized. Yes mama lives in others problems and perceive the problem as his own problems. Before my exams, I contacted GR Mama to get his blessings. As usual mama gave me comfort and confidence that periyava will be with me during my exams and he will also pray for my success during his brimma muhurtham prayer.

Anxiously awaited CA exam knocked my door. There is no surprise that I have to write my exam very well and it happened and I wrote my exams well.

Of all the professional exams clearing CA Exams is next to Himalayan task. By the grace of Guru pooja and Mahaperiyava and with the selfless prayers of GR Mama I cleared my C.A exams.

Guru in one’s life

Assumes paramount importance

I am not an exception to this

GR Mama showed me the Guru and

The path to reach Guru

Mahaperiyava GURU POOJA

Path breaking treasure in LIFE

Gave me a break in my life journey too

I am a testimony

The permission to do guru puja is itself a great hope that he is always with us. I am very much indebted to GR Mama for his selfless service to others life. I pray my Guru Mahaperiyava to bless mama with peace shanthi and serenity.

Mahaperiyava saranam.

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

Thanks & Regards,