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Sri Mahaperiyavar Arul Trust


Sri Mahaperiyavar Arul Religious Trust (SMART) is a non-profit organization in Chennai, India. The trust has been formed to support and implement multiple social and cultural initiatives. 


Social Charitable Activities:
The Trust extends financial support to living, educational and medical needs of the poor and needy.


Core Objectives:

  1. To provide support for education for children of underprivileged parents.

  2. To provide support for marriage for needy brides and grooms.

  3. To provide support for healthcare requirements for the underprivileged.

Cultural Activities:
The Trust has a multi-pronged mission to support initiatives that preserve, support and sustain our rich culture and heritage. 


Veda Samrakshanam

  1. The Trust has been formed to encourage the fields of education having Indian heritage value. 

  2. The Trust extends financial support to Veda Patashaalas to develop, support and provide better amenities for students learning the vedic scriptures.

  3. The Trust also aims to provide support for development of infrastructure and facilities for the veda patashaalas.

Goh Samrakshanam
Protection of cows is our sacred duty and the Trust endeavours to provide financial support to Go Shaalas that are in need of support to ensure that the cows are taken care of and are provided. 

Temple Maintenance and Reconstruction

  • The Trust provides financial assistance to temples that are in need of money for their daily functioning.

  • The Trust also supports reconstruction efforts of temples that are in need of repair or are damaged.



Your Contribution

We've undertaken these pious yet ambitious activities and we encourage you to support us wholeheartedly. 

To donate for any of the above causes, please click the button below and fill out the form and make your payment online. As soon your payment is successful, your receipt is automatically generated and you can either download it in as a pdf file or print it out. 



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