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Sharanalayam - an abode of peace and tranquility for the soul

"SHARANALAYAM", forms a divine, consecrated domain, under the aegis of our Jagadguru Shri. Mahaperiyava, who bequeathed our revered GR Mama as the torch bearer of its sacrosanct undertakings and pursuits.

In the gracious presence of Shri. Chandrasekharendra Swamigal's benediction, this holy turf bears to contribute towards surmounting worries devotees hold and in making it less difficult for them by helping them lead a life generously blessed by our omniscient. The journey from the genesis of Sharanalayam till date has seen several ardent devotees of all age-groups to becoming a seminal part of the squad, and committing themselves voluntarily to embark upon


"Kainkaryam" or "Free-willed service", with the blessings of the Supreme soul.

Our pillar, strength and Guru Shri. GR Mama, with the divine sanction of Shri. Mahaperiyava, fervently yearns to unfurl the presence of "Sharanalayam", by spreading its wings boundlessly.


"Every devotee must be abundantly blessed for by Shri. Mahaperiyava", has always been the motto of Sharanalayam and shall forever remain an incessant commitment.


Deities of Sharanalayam

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Kamakshi Ambal

Goddess Kamakshi embodies the autonomy of nature, one who can never be conquered.

The name Kamakshi connotes ‘the desirable one’ or more literally, ‘one whose eyes are full of desire”. She is depicted holding symbols associated with the god of love. 

The goddess is worshipped in the form of a womb. She arouses passion for the world at large. The goddess is always seen or shown sitting or stepping in lord shiva, thus awakening him from his meditative inward-looking slumber. 

Sharanalayam feels the very presence of goddess Kamakshi, as our Jagadguru Shri. Mahaperiyava or Chandrashekharendra Swamigal is considered goddess Kamakshi’s avataaram and is fondly revered in this holy place.  

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Utharavu Periyava is the vigraham of our beloved Mahaperiyava that GR Mama prays to every day and also requests for Guru Pooja Utharavu for all devotees. This Periyava listens to all our troubles, wants and wishes that GR Mama presents before Him and prays for deliverance for all our souls. 

Mahaperiyava is 'Prapancha Deivam' and He is Omniscient and Omnipresent, but right from the beginning, Utharavu Periyava has been grating devotees permission to perform Guru Pooja.


Ananta Koti Namaskarams to Utharavu Periyava. Our humble gratitude for His Munificence and Grace in allowing us to perform Guru Pooja and rid ourselves of the karmic debt that we have amassed over crores of births. 

If you would like to know more about Guru Pooja, click here

If you would like to request for utharavu to perform Guru Pooja, click here


Shri. Mahaperiyava fondly called as Jagadguru or Mahaswamigal has been greatly regarded and revered as a divine and living god form by millions of staunch devotees across the globe. Sharanalayam, connotes a shelter for devotees that is rendered and safeguarded by Mahaperiyava with his immense grace and choicest blessings. 

This moorthy of Mahaperiyava was the first idol to be consecrated at Sharanalayam which GR Mama fondly calls 'Sharanalayam Periyava'. 

Mahaperiyava is omnipresent in various forms but to Sharanalayam devotees, this from of Mahaperiyava is very close to their hearts. 

It has been proven time and again at Sharanalayam that everything in life happens by the will and grace of Sri MahaPeriyava. We are truly blessed to be amidst Periyava's sanctum - Sharanalayam, under the loving but watchful gaze of our beloved Jagadguru. 

Mahaperiyava always blesses us all immensely. We need to simply surrender to him and take a vow to walk on the path of dharma. Rest he shall guide throughout your life.

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